Expedia my Booking

EXDEDIA my booking

I HAVE TO CANCEL MY HOTEL BOOKINGS THROUGH EXPEDIA. But the problem is, in my opinion, Expedia is terrible. Confirmation number also facilitates consolidation between Expedia and the hotel for billing and tracking purposes. Cause one, obviously, we have to charge Expedia for that booking. I booked a trip and paid for the round trip from the airport to my hotel.


When she phoned the Expedia website and suggested that she may have entered her e-mail inaccurate. It has provided other information of a more personally nature. Later on, when she was running her bank account, Miss Brunt found out she'd been paying for two trips. Obviously, when they could not track the deal, the support representative told Miss Brunt not to make the booking until she had verified her coffee machine pay.

Now Expedia has reimbursed Miss Brunt for the misbooked ticket and given her a 50 pound airfare certificate as a good faith deed.

I have a booking that Expedia does not respect.

Thought I' d bought an Expedia plane ticket to Ottawa, Canada. In a half hours telephone call to Expedia Tuesday I found out that the services inviting you to "find your ideal trip" do not take into account the bookings he claims to make. So, I'm not going to Ottawa on an Expedia reserve.

There is no deal I can' t figure out that won't do what it's supposed to. If there is a juridical foundation somewhere in Expedia's small-scale disclaimer of liability for refusing my booking, it is still a terrible users accountancy.

We' re sharing our rage on Twitter, Facebook, blog and other social networking sites and we' re charging you far more than the few dollars it would have taken to fulfill your initial obligation. Mimi' s plane trip on United with frequentmiles worked and I found one that I used. The price seemed a little high when I made my reservation on United, so I looked at Expedia, which I've used a lot (at least twice this year, according to the confirmations I still have).

On Tuesday I got a call from Expedia who told me that the price had gone up (over $700, although I didn't get the right amount because I didn't pay it, at least not to Expedia). EXEDIA made the offer for $528.46. and that'?s what I would pay.

So the representative kept trying to give me choices I thought were not acceptable, so I kept insisting on speaking to a superior. Whilst I was for the superior, I went to the e-mail address I use for Expedia (my third address, one I don't verify daily) and saw a Monday e-mail alert:):

"We cannot currently validate your booking due to equipment problems beyond our reasonable discretion. They e-mailed me the night before the booking was confirmed. I' ve never spoken to this superior. However, first (as I had been notified that the call was logged for qualitative purposes) I said loudly that I was expecting Expedia to keep the booking I had made.

There was a verification e-mail, which apparently meant nothing, with a shortcut to support where I got a fill out request for it. In expressing my dissatisfaction with the failure to honour the obligation and to put it on ice for an unreasonable length of time, I asked for someone to call me immediately. There was an automatically sent e-mail saying that someone would call me back in 24hrs.

A few contactless sessions, either from the superior I thought I was first in (they had phoned me, so they had the number) or from on-line support, I phoned the number in one of the two e-mails I had got. There is nothing to indicate that when I booked this journey and that was not in the verification e-mail.

I am not sure if I have ever checked the "My itineraries" page before this one. So I went back through the booking procedure and was looking for a treacherous footer that I must have slipped on all the time I had reserved on Expedia. "I suspected, like any client, that the ticket would be guarantied as soon as Expedia took my number on the next computer monitor and sent me the verification e-mail, but that it might not be there if I came back later to make the booking (or if the ticket price would change before I got to the next computer screen).

Both the account manager and his superior provided me with two intolerable options: Reimburse the higher price for the original booking. When I had a half-hour talk with this Expedia representative and his superior (who just ID'd as Leon and said he was the highest ranking superior and wouldn't give his last name), I tweezed my loathing with Expedia:

On-hook after a half-hour telephone call with Expedia, who refuses to accept the booking I made on Sunday. There was a quick response to Expedia and I entered my travel route, telephone number and e-mail in two instant Messaging Box. It was 20hrs ago, and I haven't even received a word from Expedia, except for two automatic e-mails:

I' m said they won't respond to my e-mail inquiry for help and won't help by e-mail. You gave me a telephone number to call. Another e-mail advertised a hotel promotion. However, I will be offering Expedia some options: Stick to the agreement I made with you in good faith. Aye.

Don't ever get a single dime of my cash again and be sure I am warning my boyfriends, families and fans against using Expedia.

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