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EXDEDIA New York Packages

Check out great deals on hotels, flights & vacation packages! The city of New York City is an international metropolis built on the shoulders of immigrants and their descendants. I' ve booked a hotel with Expedia and tried to cancel the room the day before my arrival. Fly to the Big Apple in one minute on one of Expedia's many budget flights.


"I' ve never been to New York....", Udo Jürgens a chanté une fois la ville éblouissante. NYC is THE destination! The so-called Big Apple a tellement à offrir que vous pourriez y passer des semaines. But whether you choose a short trip or a longer stay, New York City is definitely worth a visit.

And even if you're still taking a dubious look at your wallet, don't worry : New York City a plenty of cheap accommodation in addition to luxurious hotels. is the largest city in the United States of America. More than eight million inhabitants live in this huge metropolis on a area of almost 800 square kilometres.

and New York est divisé en cinq grands districts : Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. But in Manhattan vous trouverez, entre autres, l'Empire State Building, d'où vous pourrez profiter d'une vue magnifique ou le Rockefeller Center, où une journée de la journée de la boutique est garantie. One of Manhattan est situé à l'embouchure de la rivière Hudson et, grâce à sa situation et à sa proximité des nombreuses attractions, c'est un fabuleux point de départ pour les familles ou les vacanciers actifs qui veulent voir beaucoup de choses pendant leur temps libre.

But not only Manhattan has much to offer. Staten Island vaut aussi la peine d'être visité. From here you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Statue of Liberty and, if you are travelling with your family, you can easily visit the Staten Island Zoo. On Staten Island vous pouvez soit réserver votre hôtel directement, comme le Hilton Garden Inn New York-Staten Island, soit faire une promenade en bateau avec les Staten Island Ferries jusqu'à l'île verte et profiter d'une promenade à travers l'un des 170 parcs.

The other districts of New York also convey a very special flair that you should definitely experience during a visit in order to get a holistic impression of the cultural diversity of the city. Even though New York City is THE business metropolis, you don't have to be a millionaire to have a great time here.

Who needs this luxurious 5-star hotel when you spend most of your time outside to experience the atmosphere of this special city anyway ? Numerous logements peuvent déjà être loués ici pour peu d'argent. Located in Manhattan, à seulement 20 mètres du célèbre Broadway, c'est la base parfaite pour votre voyage en ville.

And if you're tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of New York's green oasis in Central Park, just 500 meters away - and it's completely free. Biennale : ce n'est pas la seule façon de s'amuser à New York sans dépenser de l'argent. Why not take a afternoon stroll through the streets of the metropolis and experience the impressive and at the same time somewhat oppressive feeling of being surrounded on both sides by meter-high skyscrapers.

You will be amazing to how many floors there are in some buildings. Maybe you can also go into one or the other building and take the elevator to the top to the top to enjoy a breathtaking view over New York City. You can also visit places like Times Square or Ground Zero sans avoir à creuser profondément dans votre poche.

If you want to understand the mentality of the Americans and get closer to their culture and way of life, these are the ideal places to do so. As you can see, it is not absolutely necessary to spend a lot of money to experience a lot in New York. For an occasional shopping trip in well-known department stores such as the Rockefeller Center and in search of trendy brands, however, you might want to put a few euros aside before your trip. ÿSi vous voulez mettre quelques euros de côté avant votre voyage.

But it is definitely worth it ! What could be better than a trip to New York on New Year's Eve ? What's so special about New York City ? If you don't like huge crowds of people and would rather enjoy the turn of the year in a romantic and quiet way, you can do so from the water.

Some organizers offer New Year's Eve boat tours with excellent views of Manhattan and the magnificent fireworks over the Hudson River. There is thus for each type the suitable boat trip. But even apart from these highlights, New Year's Eve in New York City est garanti de ne pas être ennuyeux. is one of the most popular destinations among travellers.

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