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Speeches by Expedia and HomeAway CEO about acquisition, mistakes and chances

EXDEDIA Inc. Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO, says the takeover of HomeAway by his business makes up for a bug he made when Expedia hived off TripAdvisor in 2011: Expedias purchase of holiday homes such as FlipKey in the USA and Holiday Lettings in the UK enabled him to get away with TripAdvisor.

"Khosrowshahi said, "So I'm going to make that up to you. Asks if earning HomeAway will save Expedia years in trying to ramp up holiday rent supplies on its own or through partnerships, Khosrowshahi said Expedia would not have been able to construct the deph of the HomeAway resource and that the purchase will speed Expedia Inc. s route to add alternate accommodation such as holiday rents.

Providing travellers the option between properties that Expedia is working on, including hotel, apartment and even city housing, will increase the Expedia Inc. addressesmarketplace. A few years ago HomeAway signed a sales alliance, but progress was sluggish, right up to high-caliber homes and display on Expedia.com.

Mr. Khosrowshahi said that now that HomeAway would become "part of the family" and would benefit 100 per cent of HomeAway Expedia Inc. revenues this means that Expedia can incorporate HomeAway's offerings more aggressively. 3. It refused to explain the origin of the takeover discussions. HomeAway's holiday homes are planned to appear on Expedia.com, Hotels.com, Travelocity, Orbitz and other Expedia labels.

On the other hand, Expedia's residential offerings in non-HomeAway's recent strengths in city areas will appear in HomeAway's worldwide brand names. EXPEdYEDIA Inc. is on the brink of an acquisitions rip and has taken over Wotif, Travelocity, Orbitz Worldwide, the AirAsia JV from Expedia and now HomeAway since 2014. However, Khosrowshahi and HomeAway's Sharples said they do not anticipate any anti-trust problems in connection with the transaction, although of course they will work with all government requests.

Kyhosrowshahi said holiday rents are a different class than hotel rents, and Sharples pointed out that Expedia was the only member of the Big Three, along with booking. com and TripAdvisor, who had not been actively in the holiday rents. "Khosrowshahi said, "We would not make this arrangement unless we thought we could do it.

Talking of competition: Khosrowshahi and Sharples were in agreement that despite the Expedia HomeAway wedding, the Priceline, TripAdvisor and Expedia family will continue to compete. Expedia will become "a more powerful competitor", he said, although there is room for "several winners" in the group. "Khosrowshahi said, "I don't think that will change in the future.

The three will live, added Mr Shars. Things about the competition with Airbnb and its 2 million listings versus Expedia HomeAway 1. 5 million Hotels and Holiday Hires? Scharples said the settlement is about as pertinent as compromising Walmart with Nordstrom because 90 per cent of HomeAways holiday rents are second houses, while probably a similar proportion of Airbnbs rents are prime houses.

How about Expedia's core activities? We are going to consider this $3. 9 billion HomeAway deal given the fact that many hotel owners are more defensive about the divisive economics, although most - mistakenly - downplay the competing effect. Khosrowshahi and Sharples both said the agreement expands Expedia's reachable markets and makes Expedia more accessible to travellers looking for accommodation and accommodation as well.

Mr. Khosrowshahi said Expedia found that the addition of offer to a destinations improves converting ratios, which in turn allows Expedia to grow demands, and all this is to the benefit of the hotel. How about the Futures of Sharples under Expedia Inc. Since HomeAway was founded a decade ago, the road has been long and the takeover of HomeAway by Expedia is the beginning of the next phase.

So when did you talk about an takeover? ¬°Dara Khosrowshahi: Though it seems like a long while ago, TripAdvisor was part of Expedia not so long ago. When TripAdvisor was part of Expedia, we actually tried to create a rival of HomeAway. So we went out and bought a number of holiday homes like FlipKey and HolidayLettings in the UK.

We' ve been quite disappointed with the performance and efficiency of the HomeAway group. With the holiday rentals with TripAdvisor going as part of the spins, I'm making up for that now. Khosrowhahi: To let this holiday rent with TripAdvisor go, so I have to make it up to you.

Khosrowhahi: It was Brian Sharples: Actually, Expedia was the one who wasn't. Priceline has a large shop in the apartment. Apparently TripAdvisor had it for a long while, and then there are also big independents out there, so we're quite optimistic that that won't be a problem.

Folks are twittering at me so that these are insignificant numbers, the care advantage you have. Sharple's: Some of the things we have are second houses that are situated for holiday tenants, so the fact that one has more than the other is about as important as trying to likeness Wal-Mart and Nordstrom to the number of SCUs they have.

He said that the addition of holiday homes to the various Expedia portals will also create more hotel demands, so that an extra offer should go to holiday homes and properties, right? Khosrowhahi: Yes, the samples we see are how we usually put in more offer to a goal so that the transformation of this goal is increased.

So, we have definitely found a nifty equation when we add supplies on a destination base, and we anticipation HomeAway will be a asset location. Sharple's: I' d also think about Expedia being a tourist shop. Over and above that, whatever the transformation rates at Expedia are today, then you would be expecting by add these items, you will be able to see overall higher transformation of a sales of whether it is a car, an aerial parcel or holiday hire or a motel.

If so, there are many Expedia items that we don't have in our business and we will look for ways to incorporate them into what we do, because look at a holiday outing. As part of what I really think the most diverse tour operator in the planet will now be creating, beyond all the things we are discussing in 2018 and $350 million EBITDA, I think it will only be a great long-term gain for all our travellers because they will be able to buy everything they want through our platforms or Expedia's or wherever we show this stock.

But do you think this mix puts more stress on Booking.com or TripAdvisor? Khosrowhahi: While I think Expedia Inc. will be a harder contender as a business, Booking.com and TripAdvisor have very powerful totemaps.

Sharple's: Com is very much focussed on hotels-like holiday rent inventories, and they have a great deal of it, and where most of their bookings come from, is in a sector that really we are not even running on our decks today because we are not doing multi-unit the same way that they do.

The HomeAway is very much focussed on whole homes in the holiday rentals area. TripAdvisor is a business that certainly needs to be defining what its alcove is, but part of the alcove of TripAdvisor is that they are sitting at the top of the hopper, and many folks go to TripAdvisor just to explore where they are going, and therefore they are able to water a great deal of interest for shelter and other things just because they are at the top of the hopper, and that is an asset that they have.

Dara, do you see this aquisition as a few years of savings you either try to set up this type of care yourself or partnership to do it as you previously began to do with HomeAway? Khosrowhahi: Honestly, I don't think we would have been able to set up the kind of care HomeAway has made.

However, the type of property that HomeAway has constructed in the holiday and resort categories is unparalleled, and that is property that was not necessarily addressed to us, so I think this will accelerate our way to add alternate accommodations as part of our list. We' ve got tens of thousands of millions of clients visiting our site looking for accommodation, and our accessible store has just grown, making HomeAway such an appealing destination for us.

So what happens to the HomeAway people and Brian? Sharple's: While the only thing is that we will streamline our corporate government expenses where they could intersect, one of the things we liked about this Expedia transaction is that they want us to be largely autonomous and to be able to use their assets and knowledge.

And, to tell you the honest facts, Dennis, there are many things about managing a corporation, especially if you are trying to implement a strategic plan that will involve a great deal of changes, and so in a way it will be a facilitation for the staff to work under the Expedia aegis.

We are now Expedia stockholders. The Expedia still has one of the smallest multipliers in tourism, so there are a number of advantages in this game. Sharple's: Are you planning on integrating HomeAway stock in the fashion of the same way you did when you tested the partnership w/ consumer looking for five day, seven day or whatever holidays rental space all of a sudden there?

Khosrowhahi: Look, we're gonna test and learn the HomeAway angle. In our HomeAway test we saw a lot of room for improvement. And I think the best place to stay is the long ones, etc., because it really does match the offer and take. Now that HomeAway is part of the home, I think we can see substantially 100 per cent of sales with Expedia Inc.

How do the hosts react? Khosrowhahi: We' re not talking to our partner companies yet, but I think they want more interest, and I think this deals has the power to make Expedia brand more accessible to travellers, which will not only increase the interest of our partner companies.

See the Expedia HomeAway teleconference on November 4, 2015 for further information with analyst announcements of the IPO.

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