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Cuba: Expedia starts to book a hotel in Cuba on-line

EXEDEDIA is joining a doze of US carriers and shipping companies that have already entered the Cuba market since the United States declared relief with its former Cold War opponent in 2014 and relaxed travelling and trading constraints. We' re discussing the biggest Caribbean nation with major hospitality plans," said Veronica Vega, Expedia Area Managers for the Caribbean, in an interviews.

In 2016, the number of Cuba' s attendees increased by 13 per cent to a all-time high of 4 million, boosted by a 74 per cent increase in US travel. In a recent poll, the number of US attendees could increase seven-fold to 2 million by 2025. Expedia's move comes when the government of US President Donald Trump is conducting a comprehensive US political overhaul of Cuba.

This does not seem to have curbed US interest in the Cuban mare. Researchers and managers said it was difficult to believe that Trump, a former business man, would take action that would already hurt US businesses in Cuba. US legislation still prohibits general tourist to Cuba, but the government of former President Barack Obama permitted Americans to make it easier to go to Cuba without having to go on a group.

Brooklyn Expedia said Americans must acknowledge quite easily that their travels came under one of the 12 classes of authorised Travel. "We are very pleased that we can make travelling easier and give you the opportunity to choose your own itinerary," says Vega. EXEDIA said it would provide both hotels and B2B option and that clients could make payments on-line at the moment of making the book.

Until now, Americans had to mainly make reservations for Cuba' hostels through tourist agents or groups. As of 2015, US travellers can also use Airbnb Inc. to make reservations for real estate in Cuba. Last year, the on-line renting space said that the Isle had become its most rapidly expanding business of all time. The Expedia said it works for US travellers under a general licensing law for all tourism services companies.

A special licence for non-US travellers was issued by the US Treasury Department in December 2016.

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