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ERA Rewards - Collect points on hotels and flights

Expedia is a favourite reservation tool for air travel, accommodation, rental cars and more. Your Expedia Awards programme allows you to collect points that you can redeem for upcoming airline reservations or air and accommodation-packs. Award points for airline reservations are available in supplement to the points you would normally receive for air travel booked directly.

Since there are no reservation charges and the fares generally correspond to what you can find directly with the carrier, it is a good idea to book and collect points on Expedia, which include reward points, frequency points and any points you normally collect with a debit cardholder. The most important reason for using the program:

You' re gonna deserve it: With the Expedia Mobil application you receive dual reward points for air travel and accommodation. Reward Points do not forfeit as long as there is qualified buying or cashing action through Expedia at least once every 18 month. Reward points are fairly easy to redeem - use them when you make them for accommodation, or redeem them for a $25 coupon that can be used for air and accommodation parcels once you have at least 3,500 points.

You can see that your points are twice as valuable for +VIP entry hotel as for Expedia default hotel. Here you can search all +VIP APs. It' easy to earn +silver or +gold with Expedia Rewards - 7 days staying or NZ$5,000 for +silver; 15 days or NZ$10,000 for +gold spending.

Additonal points are the main advantage of +silver and +gold. You' re gonna deserve it: People with +golden also qualify for room upgrade, including: No hotel or airfare pre-booking charges are levied by Expedia. You calculate modification and reversal charges for air travel reservations in addition to your own charges and the price differences.

While you can make Airpoints dollars on Expedia through your Air New Zealand affiliation, the Expedia Rewards programme is a little cheaper.

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