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Use the AARP Travel Center powered by Expedia. You search for Aarp Official Site ends here. This acquisition affects Travelocity's websites in the USA and Canada. Gain a head start with sales from the USA to Asia. It'?

s like America' s official statement:

Via Expedia, Booking.com and AiBnB Listings

Have you found us on another website (Expedia, Reservations.com, AutoBnB etc.)? It is our official website and THE BEST way to make a reservation! Being a small familiy company we appreciate your shop and the assistance of our domestic industry by directly reserving instead of 15% or more of the sales cost to the large on-line tourist agencies like Expedia (Expedia own hundred of different websites), Bookings.com (based in the Netherlands) or AirBbnB (AirBnB is the best of these, but they calculate you, the custo Mer, an extra fee).

Making bookings directly through our website or over the telephone offers you the best price, the best cancelation policies and the best after sales support (we do not always get all the right information from the other websites, which sometimes makes good communications difficult, and we are not able to change bookings through these websites themselves, you need to call the reservation team to make changes!

Since AirBnb was founded, we have been a "BnB"! We use our own non-AirBnB connected booking system, so our AirBnB room may or may not be available. On AirBnB we are configured so that all bookings are "request", which allows us to receive the inquiry and then review our master system and see if it is available or not.

We' re trying our best so that everyone can find us and make reservations through a wide range of media and of course in this time when you're not on these pages, you lose your deal! However, it does not always go so smooth through third party, which is why the best way to meet your requirements is to make a reservation directly!

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