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I tried two different hotels. On-line travel agencies such as Booking.com and Expedia dominate the online booking market. You can cancel online. The Expedia has provided you with customer behavior logs.

We all know that hotels can put more heads in beds by selling their rooms through Expedia, the giant of online travel agencies.

Cuba: Expedia announced online hotel reservations

Hispania - The online tour operator Expedia on Tuesday announces its entrance into the Mexican hotel industry, which allows local properties to publish their listings on all the Group's Sites. "We have worked 24 hours a day with Cuba' s hotel operators to provide our worldwide customers with this cult, cultural holiday resort with the added comfort of booking online through a trustworthy tour partner," said Demetrius Canton, Expedia's Caribbean Marketing Manager.

Expedia's new office in Cuba marks its accession to other major U.S. travel organizations such as US tour operator Bigwood, despite the uncertainty about the futures of the relationship between the two nations in the Trump age. The declaration states that the company is hoping to help Cuba and is trying to support the country's own hostels with its equipment, technologies and people.

"We' re delighted to make Barceló real estate in Cuba available to travellers on Expedia portals around the world," said Josep Brich, a top manager of the Barceló group. By 2016, the country had a peak of 4 million international guests and 4.2 million expected in 2017.

Up to now, the archipelago has received 2 million international tourists in 2017.

New local tax dispute over hotel bookings won by Expedia

Expedia and other online tourist agents have won a big win in the battle for hotel inns. 13 Illinois state towns brought a complaint seeking to make the online booking pages responsible for the failure to retain them. In essence, towns and cities tried to obtain the VAT receipts on the discrepancy between the real booking cost of a hotel room online and the cost charged by the hotel to the online tourist agents making the reservations, such as Expedia, Orbitz and others.

Regrettably, both the county and appeal tribunals have found that the hotel taxation legislation does not cover online travel/booking at all. When all this talking about caveats and taxation is confusing, you're lucky, because the courthouse has broken it down with fairly straight, even numbers.

When a client book a room directly with a hotel for $100 per overnight, the hotel will collect $5 for tax and transfer it to the community. However, if a client book a room through an OTA[Online Travel Agency] for $100 and the hotel's room price is only $60, the OTA will pay $63 to the hotel and the hotel will transfer $3 to the community.

The OTA receives the balance in the example of the courts and in reality (at least in Illinois) as an offset for its commercial and reservationservices. In the case of the booking offices, the courts stated that making a booking is not the same as hiring a hotel room.

Indeed, when you book online, you pay for the extra room and taxes. As a rule, a hotel is prepared to provide online booking at discounted prices, as these additional features take over some of the necessary logistic and commercial aspects for the acceptance, modification and billing of cancellations.

According to the courts, the special languages of domestic hotel regulations cannot be used in OTA. The final outcome could, however, be determined by the legislators, who change the Act so that the VAT is payable on the entire amount of money consumers pay, regardless of where and how they book it.

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