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Are you looking for a senior citizens' holiday in Orlando? Lean back and watch our travel video to discover the best things in Orlando, Florida! At Orlando we offer packages to the most popular theme parks in Orlando such as Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld and LEGOLAND Florida. Plus, we have holiday packages to other top attractions like Kennedy Space Center, Aquatica and Blue Man Group. Create your own Orlando holiday!

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DisneyResort booking via Disney or third partys ("expedia") - Orlando Forum

I did that only once, maybe twice, and it seems we have to collect parking permits at the "will call" screen at the front of MK. Also used Southwest Vacations. I have been going for years now and have learnt to reserve rooms and travel passes directly with Disney and take advantage of the rebates.

When you register a Disney user you will receive "pixie dust"/specials. Only thing I charge extra is my plane fare. To be honest, I know they shouldn't, but I had the feeling that at check-in (at Disney Resort) I was a little differently cared for than I had not used them.

They can always come back with Disney if they have a new promotion before your journey. As I know from my own experiences, Expedia once demanded far too much for a Best Westerns room opposite DL. I' d made the booking and then thought again and could canceled.

There was an enormous discrepancy in prices and I phoned the hotels in Anaheim directly. and I haven't relied on Expedia since.

Disney Expedia Packages - Orlando Forum

So here is the e-mail they answered back to me with when I asked them: Thank you for your interest in Walt Disney World Résort, but we can't include it and it can't be added anywhere. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any further queries or require further help.

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