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With Expedia Group, you can manage your business anytime, anywhere. Partner Central App gives you the tools and real-time data you need: For more information about our Expedia Affiliate Program and to become a partner, please visit https://www.expedia.com/p/network-affiliate. To navigate Expedia Partner Central.

EXDEDIA has two completely separate platforms for travelers and property owners.

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To join our partner hostel ecosystem, please get in touch with Expedia Group Lodging Partner Services. Collaborate with a vendor who is dedicated to providing you with the highest levels of assistance and focus on making you work. Take advantage of our offer as it best fits your business: a fully customisable ambience or a wholesale offer, we have the right one.

All of our solutions are rounded off by our partnership based product development teams with unprecedented levels of customer service and pro-active optimisation.

Expedia Group Partner Headquarters in the App Store

With Expedia Group, you can administer your company anywhere, at all times. Partner Center Application gives you the tool and real-time information you need: Begin a call before visitors arrives, react to feedbacks when they get there, and keep track of visitor ratings when they are out. Get instant and anywhere acces to your tool and information with a simple, effective log-in.

Partner C. A. B. uses information for analysis, personalisation and sourcing. Thank you for using Partner Center Application. Updated weekly to make sure the application is quick, trustworthy and up to date. Just make it easy and configure your application to refresh itself by going to Settings > iTunes & iTunes Store > Auto Downloads and turning on updates.

Included in this updated version are corrections and enhancements to system performance. Salesman Expedia, Inc. Copyrights © 2018 Expedia, Inc.

Expedia Partner Api' s

Expedia Group has an expansive trademark collection that comprises some of the world' s top on-line tourist agents (OTAs) and trademarks, such as: Facilitate stock, uptime, and tariff administration with an unbroken connection to Expedia Marketplace. Get new, changed or cancelled bookings in near-realtime. Incorporate Expedia Marketplace with our sophisticated connection technologies.

Connectability converts the time-consuming, day-to-day management of your availabilities, fares and bookings through sophisticated automated systems. Their bidirectional link transmits information between your property's system and the Expedia Marketplace. Be it a real estate management system, a channel manager, a central reservation system or an in-house system, you can extend your possibilities and extend your company with high-performance automatisation.

By connecting directly to the Expedia marketplace, you can help your real estate affiliates achieve a higher profile and be more quickly bookable. Registration is simple and free and brings you over 600 million visitors to Expedia websites each month. Hospitality real estate can get more out of their Expedia relationship with easy-to-use software and top-notch selling and supporting team.

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