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xpedia Philippines cashback comparison & rewards comparison. xpedia Philippines is a leading online travel agency for travellers in the Philippines.

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General conditions of business: The rates are per person per day for the specified duration, calculated on the basis of the double room rate of the cheapest room without tax and other charges. There may be extra limitations such as minimal stays, black-out appointments, available room categories and pre-sales. For more information, please contact the hotels.

Hotelspecific requirements may be applicable and will be announced before reservation. Expedia's standard reservation rules shall be applicable.

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Work at Expedia Group: staff appraisals

We at Expedia offer our staff all the necessary trainings. expedia is the world's leading tourism company. Be part of this crew is the best thing that ever happens to me. I had my first BPO experiences with Expedia. A lot of commitment that made teamwork possible. If you are in a particular bankroll, your usual tag will be in conversation with nice individuals, prospects and especially prospects.

As far as my manager is concerned, it is sometimes difficult for me to adapt to the changes in my managerial staff and how they want to do it. Every week-end we have a tendency to go out with my crew, visit new places and try new food. I love my work every single working days, help travelers fulfil their dream and make sure they are pleased and content with the services.

Salaries and social security were very bad and also job security and promotion. This should always be a funny workplace and a supporting manager. In particular with regard to the salaries, it should undoubtedly be made available. This work made me a better man in all respects, guidance, teamplay, coaching, appointments, everything under the candles.

xpedia is all about hotels, reservations. Delivering and fulfilling client needs that exceed client expectations and expectations.

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