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A former colleague contacted me via an open position at Expedia. CarieFurman @expedia are your telephone lines dead? Expedia is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. The office can be reached by post and telephone. The details of your trip make it easier for you to cancel your reservation by phone.

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As it turns out, the whole procedure was not without further hassle, as 45 mins into the call, the phone agent's computer starts to slow down to the point where it crashes. You had reached the reservation detail, but not yet payed at that time. Approximately 20 mins later the man called back and my BiL took the call when he made the payment with his CC.

On the other hand, the agents explained to my FC that it could only boost 1900 to CC (this obviously was not the full amount for the four of them for air travel, hotels and rental cars) as this was all its lending institution would allow. You have been instructed that the rest must be settled on February 10 (not by February 10), not sure why this date is so magical, any idea or did you misread it?

Anyway my BiL with his CC Co. the following date examined and was declared that he had much of the credit on the ticket and the overall thing could have been settled for, they were unable to tell why this had been done. I have acknowledged that the sequence of incidents was as follows: When I found out that the name was wrong, my nurse sent an e-mail (not called) 20 min after I received the travel confirm.

Now, 5 full working day later (God, it must have been a really long recording) they recalled them, said the mistake was with my sis and they had to buy a new one. You can get a copy of the admission if you are paying £10. In one phase they even had a telephone call with the carrier and Expedia representatives, so everyone was told it was out of their hand and it was a non-refundable/non-changeable one.

The Expedia have obviously absorbed half of the airfare by the look of things, but I really want to try and get this 280 pounds slashed. It was so small (about 4, if I remember correctly) when they went to the States before (he is now 16) and she would certainly not take his older brother and abandon him.

And I think I could also say that since my older brother's ill (and possibly triggered by this stress), I could call and ask for the admission and make it clear that I will not leave until it is solved, wherever the debt ends. I' m skilled at being courteous while staying persevering, and I' m probably more optimistic about these things than my older sibling, so I have no problem in that area.

P.S. - I said that she shouldn't make a long-distance holiday without talking to me first.......

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