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Expedia members continue to enjoy world-class benefits. is the first online travel agent to display the discounted fares of a hotel chain in addition to the standard fares. I' called Expedia so we could change reservations for the cheaper rate. Edit the Tariff Header tab for ADS Expedia. Under "Tariffs and inventory" you will find the section "Expedia Quick connect Settings", in which you can activate the xml connection.

Example Messages - Expedia QuickConnect Avail & Rates API

In this section you will find example reports on interaction with the Availability and Tariff API. The Expedia saves the number of rooms available per room category, so that each updating of the user-defined assignments must be assigned to a particular room category. Below is a example AR requirement notification to refresh the flexibility of assignment for a particular room category on each date in August 2012.

This determines the flexibility of allotment that Expedia can make for sale at 10. Under the assumption that the flexibility mapping would not be the same throughout the entire months, another way to distribute the upgrade would be to consolidate availability rate items into one single query. Below is a example AR requirement note to determine the flexibility of the allotment that will be made available to Expedia for sale from August 1 to August 15 and from August 16 to August 31.

Hint: The assignment shows the entire room assignment (for objects without a basic assignment contract) OR the extra room assignment (for objects with a basic assignment contract) - for a full description of the assignment, see Terminology (2. 3). For updating the entire room reservation including the basic reservation, see the example below.

Allocations can be updated to show the number of rooms available for a particular room category, including basic contract allocations. Below is an example AR query to refresh the overall assignment for an individual room group. The" totalInventoryAvailable" property contains the residual basic assignment and an extra, optional assignment.

The following example AR can be used if different data simultaneously should be transmitted for different data with different value for all the data in your ARM. When different room sorts have to be refreshed for the same date, the following example AR notification can be used. Expedia QuickConnect will refuse the upgrade and return 7013 if an unsold basic assignment still exists for the specified room category and the setting of totAvailable is lower than this actual basic amount.

When a real estate does not have a basic assignment agreement with Expedia, there is no functionally significant change between specifying an upgrade as "flexibleAllocation" or "totalInventoryAvailable". Below is a example AR requirement notification to refresh the day rate for a rate schedule for August 2012 (for a real estate with the occupancy-based price model).

Below is a example AR requirement notification to refresh the day rate for a rate schedule for 5 consecutive August 2012 appointments (for a real estate that uses the occupancy-based price model). Below is an example AR requirement notification to upgrade the min. and max. length of sojourn for a tariff for August 2012.

For this example, the AR requirement note specifies 4 tariff schedules to be concluded on 31 December 2012. For this example, the AR Requirement Letter specifies a tariff schedule that will be locked until arriving on December 25, 2012 and opened until arriving on December 26. Below is an example AR requirement notification to upgrade the assignment of a room types and their tariffs and limitations for a weekend tariff in August 2012.

Reservation-dependent tariffs are always specified as tariff for the specified overall booking. Therefore, on the basis of the tariffs in the above example, a room for 4 persons reserved on Sunday corresponds to a price of $160. Below is an example AR requirement notification to refresh room assignment and tariffs and restrictions for 2 room categories for the August 2012 WEEKEND.

Below is a example AR requirement letter to ask for a rate modification on certain appointments together with a rate upgrade for two different rate schedules under one room group. This is an example AR bulletin to complete a rate schedule for August: Below is an example AR notification to end a room category for the months of August:

This example AR-notification shows how many different AR-requests can now be combined in a unique AR-request. This application is used to make the following updates: Change of room occupancy for some nights, change of prices for another dataset, change of limitations for different non-sequential appointments, change of room category for another dataset (overlap with already defined appointments for the change of rates).

Below is a typical query to refresh the daily rate per sojourn. For lots 1 to 28, 28 tariffs (maximum permitted by the Expedia interface) are specified for each date of arrivals in the date area. For example, a retrospective upgrade for this and the data could only serve to upgrade LOT 1 to 4:

Once this report has been handled, lots 1 to 4 would have new rate entries, and the previously specified lots 5 to 28 would stay at the original levels. Below is an example of what you can expect. This example shows a successful request/response couple with a listing of alerts that will be reported in the reply, as the AR contains RQ installments that are in violation of our rate checking rationale.

In this example, you should be aware that the update of the indicators for restrictions and price changes would be performed successfully and the price update, for which the prices are 71 and 61 EUR, would also be made. The tariffs of 0.00 EUR are ignored/refused/not used. In this case, the Errors attribute has made errors in its room category ID and rate schedule ID in the AR requisition notification.

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