Expedia Reservations Phone number

Reservations phone number

EXDEDIA e-mails the client'F**k You! and cancels the reservation. Expedia can only book restaurants in Reserve's network. Looks like you tried to call Expedia, which is understandable. Expedia.

com bookings flow directly into your dashboard, alongside your online, phone, direct, and selected third-party reservations. Now Expedia does what looks like a reservation from a third party.

Incorrect reservations by Booking and expedia?

I' ve been listing on Booking.com to get started, and after 2 month I've got about 10-12 bogus reservations through them, and only two genuine ones. There was no CVV number ( "CVV code", which I fixed since then) and wrong number. These" people" are either a no-show or quit the previous night, but they are counterfeit plastic numbers and phone numbers, so I have no way to do no-shows.

So when I phoned Booking.com on this, they said it was either a hacker or I had opponents trying to try to boogi. It was apologetic that they had crackers in their system and showed no wish that their programmer would investigate the hecking. I' ve excluded rivals because it took too long, it's too complicated (someone just had to look up corrupt phone numbers), and usually the bogus reservations come in at 2-4 in the morning.

In the beginning I bought dinner, prepared the rooms and sat around like an ass who waited for folks to show up and lost cash and a lot of clutter, but now it's the rule, so now I call the phone number and try the phone number and if they don't go through, I see that it's another wrong reservation and overlook it.

And I can't see what's in it for the miners. I' d chosen to leave Booking.com and get it on Expedia. BUT I make the EXACTLY same thing to happen through their site, and they are quite plain about having Hacker to. Fifteen reservations so far, and each one is a forgery!

95 percent of reservations through both sides are forged. I' ve just upgraded to a pre-payment system for reservations on Expedia, and I'll see if that prevents your website from being hacked.

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