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The system will then download the list of your rooms and the list of your prices. Displays prices for rooms that do not apply to you. There'?s no room at the inn: Little B.C.

Guest House claimed Expedia listed'Room not available' for 2 years

Moon Water Lodge search on-line and up Pop' s Expedia. ca as one of the top results, offers "prices and deal. "Then simply book a room at the Vancouver Island Hotell, which offers "one of the best prospects in Canada". Since two years the proprietors Lori and Randy Strandlund say that prospective clients who click on this hyperlink have been informed: "Rooms are not available for their travel data on Expedia", no matter when.

As a matter of fact, they say their 13-room 18-kilometer north-west of Victoria is usually half empty - and they fear Expedia has sent companies to competing hotel establishments that are paying reservation charges to the on-line giants. Strandlunds are not Expedia customers. "Your man, Randy, is even more dull in his criticisms of Expedia.

" Strandlunds believe that they are the latest casualties of an on-line edition that has troubled Expedia in France and is the object of a possible collective complaint in the US - the purpose of the website is to list as" unavailable" hotel accommodation that is not its customer and then redirect the customer to member items that Expedia pays a reservation charge.

In any case, Expedia disputed misconduct. A serious problem" The Strandlunds say they contacted Expedia for the first time in 2015 to talk to the multi-billion US dollars corporation about the signature, but have chosen to go to Booking.com instead, which requires a lower comission. In 2016, a traveler came to Moon Water Lodge to ask why the motel was reserved "forever" with Expedia.

You say you tried to solve the problem with Expedia in 2017 and again this year by trying to bargain a deal and claim redress for allegedly losing deal. Strandlund accepted to significantly lower its six-month reservation fee when it registered, but did not reply to Strandlund's $5,000 claim for credit.

Pair again chose not to subscribe to Expedia. A spokeswoman for Expedia Canada in Toronto, Mary Zajac, said that in "numerous conversations" with the Strandlunds, a "placeholder page" was produced about the listings of the real estate on the Expedia Group web pages over the last two years - and the spaceholder page was never made available on Expedia.

"Instead, it seems that Google's web crawling engine found the wildcard site..... in answer to very specialized searches due to a problem with our workflows. Instead of connecting to the guesthouse, it called an Expedia Call Center - in Cairo, Egypt. Since Moon Water Lodge "updated their inventory", he "could not use their system at the moment" and asked "to find other similar properties in the area".

" As Lori Strandlund says, she impersonated herself as a client and her own chalet was fully sold out by an Expedia-agent. "So, if we're full and one individual chooses another property that's part of the Expedia group, Expedia gets their paycheck.

" EXDEDIA Inc. had revenues of $10 billion last year and grew 15 percent in the first three months of 2018. The group includes Travelocity, Trivago and Hotels. com and manages an approximately 75 percent share of the US Internet tourism industry. This move took place after Zajac said that Expedia was working to correct the on-line error so that the Moon Water Lodge website "cannot be displayed under any circumstances" and also "contacted Google to make sure their results are refreshed to stop showing this website in the future".

This is the first we have seen this particular theme," added Mr Sajac. "But B.C. is not the only small establishment accusing Washington-based Bellevue of a similar dilemma. A Parisian trade tribunal imposed a fine of 365,000 euros (560,000 cdn) on Expedia in 2011 for "misleading trade practices" after it had reported "no rooms available" in two popular Frenchs.

Two small US owned properties - one in California and the other in Washington D.C. - have recently filed a collective complaint against the Group. They reproach Expedia for "classic lure and counter marketing", "falsely promoting properties as "sold out" to redirect the consumer to properties that Expedia can post for its own profit" - the same topics that are claimed by the Strandlunds.

Expedia again attributed the failures in its answer to the US Supreme Courtsuit. "Lori Strandlund is hoping to file a federal collective complaint against Expedia in Canada when other small properties in the region are reporting similar issues.

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