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Telephone number of Expedia Sales

I guess I had been lucky, had used Expedia many times, but since there were no errors, I didn't recognize their success story without customer service. Data Protection Statement Terms of Use Sale and Refund Legal Notice Sitemap. My account manager there says that my confirmation number is for one of their'affiliates' Hotels.com and transfers me to them! Employee Reviews for Customer Service Representatives.

Once they turned it into a sell position, I was gone.

Plunkett's Company to the Almanac of American Employers : Medium-sized companies 2006 - Plunkett Research GmbH

Co-Publisher/CEO of Plunkett Research, Ltd. is known as writer, advisor and management advisor. He is the writer or publisher of more than 27 titles, among them Plunketts E-Commerce & Internet Busines Almanac and Plunketts Biotech & Genetics Industrie Almanac. He is a regular guest lecturer and teacher at universities and industrial meetings.

He has been featured in over a hundred journals, papers and broadcasters, among them USA Today and Inc. He is often interviewee as an expertise resource for the Investors Business Daily and The Wall Street Journal, as well as numerous international and domestic columns. Plunkett has received several honors for his civil and charity work, among others for his commitment to community library, art, educational and healtcare.

Plunkett's Transport, Supply Chain & Logistics Industry Almanac 2007 ....

Enterprises of all kinds need the huge, worldwide transport and logistic industry. Painstakingly explored, this guide addresses fascinating challenges in the areas of value-added chains and logistic managements, transport, just-in-time deliveries, storage, distribution, intramodal shipping solutions, logistic service, procurement and cutting-edge technology such as RFID. A thorough and thorough study of the markets and our prestigious trend analyses are included in this benchmark instrument.

Here you will find a full summary, sector analyses and research reports in an excellent, low-cost tool. Contains tens of thousand of contacts for executives from commerce and industries, trade organizations, websites and other sources as well as statistics charts, an industrial terminology and detailed directories. In the Company Profile section of the guide you will find our own detailed profile of the 500 top transport and logistic businesses.

You will find here full portraits of the hottest businesses that make today's messages, the biggest and most prosperous in the industry. Buyers of the PDF or books can obtain a free copy of the profile data base on CD-ROM, which allows keyword searching and the ability to print keyword information, address, phone numbers and title for every enterprise.

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