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We are aware of the technical problems on our website and are working to solve them as quickly as possible. If you have problems with the Expedia.com website today, check to see if the Expedia server is now available to all or just you. Evaluate Expedia based on the overall performance of your website. A lot of website problems can be caused by corrupted cookies or cache.

The comparison would therefore be broken down as follows:.

Expedia down right now?

Expedia website name: www.expedia.comURL Verified: Reaction time: Load Down: Please hold while we are checking the servers..... Above graphic shows the Expedia.com Expedia.com service state activities during the last 10 automated scans. If the reaction times are shorter, the reaction times are shown in green. Failure to display a beam for a certain period of elapsed means that the page was down and off-line.

Aug.11.201805:360.95 ms.11.Aug.201807:380.98 ms. Aug.11.201810:170.97 ms.11.Aug.201815:490.96 ms. Aug.11.201819:201 ms.11.Aug.201821:270.99 ms. Aug.12.201800:391.02 ms.12.Aug.201805:230.93 ms. Aug.12.201808:400.98 ms.12.Aug.201811:450.99 ms. The Expedia website was pingged through our servers and the website provided the above results. When expedia.com is down for us too, there's nothing you can do but wait. Most likely the sever is congested, shut down or unavailable due to a networking issue, a failure or website upkeep?

When the page is UP but you cannot reach the page, try one of the following solutions: To ensure you have the latest web page release, clear the temp and cookie caches in your web browsers. To select your Browsers: A Domain Name System (DNS) allows to identify a website Internet Protocol Number (.168.x.x) with words (*.com) to make it easier to remember how a phone book for Sites.

As a rule, this services is offered by your Internet provider. If you can connect to a website in the field or over a 3G LAN but it doesn't work on your computer, it's a good idea to use a DNS server other than your IPS.

Expedia.com just for you? Send your Expedia.com services stats feedback or post a problem below so others know they're not the only ones with problems. In order to better analyse a possible failure, please be aware that your company, your local network and your browsing information will be shown next to your message.

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