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You will not find any information on this page as to why you should plan your trip with Expedia. Expedia sends an e-mail confirmation to the supplier upon booking. There is no information available for this page, why check out our Expedia Viewfinder blog!

Exploiting the strength of Expedia for you

The Expedia Inc. group has one of the biggest global network of tour operators with more than 200 booking offices in more than 75 different markets. Our purchasing strength gives your travelers a wide choice wherever you go, while adhering to your budgets and guidelines. In addition to your agreed contracts with your host family, we can offer you an inexpensive stock of properties.

More than 30,000 towns in over 200 different markets are covered by our distributors. Flying one of our 475+ airlines with a wide range of fare categories. Choose a lodging, rooms and price from our extensive list of over 300,000 lodgings. Ride what you need from over 150 different companies, from removal trucks to hire vehicles. Find and reserve your preferred railway operator in over 15 different locations.

More than 15,000 business-friendly properties provide discounts or promotions.

Victor vs Get Your Guidebook

The OTA ( "Online Travelling Agencies") act as on-line market places where travellers and activities providers from all over the globe can display their service lists. Viator and Get Your Guides are the two major actors in the game. We have published a guideline since we wrote this paper in which you can use Viator, Expedia, GetYourGuide and Airbnb to share experiences in one place.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Viator was purchased by TripAdvisor in 2014. They have since given up pre-screening and curing the operator they work with to open their platforms so more businesses can start selling on Viator. As TripAdvisor was able to direct air travel and volumes to Viator, this would help more carriers than before.

Viator last months announcement that it would introduce a new agency plattform to offer 70,000 journeys from more than 2,400 locations and receive an 8% commision on each one. GettYourGuide offers over 30,000 routes and activites in over 2,500 locations in more than 110 states. The goal of GettYourGuide, headquartered in Berlin, is to find the most personal and pertinent journeys for its customers.

Earlier this year, the airline entered into partnership agreements with EasyJet and KLM Royal Dutch Airline so that clients can make bookings for routes and activity after they have booked their flight via their website or app. With over 390 million travellers per month (including TripAdvisor visitors) and 3,000 worldwide affiliates, Viator has a strong ecosystem of large on-line tour operators, carriers and hotels.

The Viator website is available in 10 different language versions and attracts a worldwide public. Viator also operates its own worldwide ad campaign on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook. The takeover of Viator by TipAdvisor gives him a major edge in the area of eye apples and so-called referring music. Before the takeover, both GetYourGuide and Viator had pushbuttons on their suppliers' Trip Advisor lists that forwarded the browser to the corresponding Viator or GetYourGuide page.

The latter was deleted for GettYourGuide after the purchase. It also works with the likes of ARC Marketplace, a global ecosystem of 175,000 agencies, providing greater exposure and coverage to billions of people. With the new agency booking service, providers with real-time booking capabilities have the opportunity to receive many more reservations than ever before, as Viator is able to lure traffic to their website.

Likewise, GettYourGuide is promising more purchases and reservations for its vendors. You have their networks on Internet forums, affiliate sites, your own GettYourGuide cell phone applications and other marketing tools that help them grow the presence of their suppliers' product to generate more revenue. They have also emphasized the use of gettingYourGuide for streamlining the reservation processes and offer clients the opportunity to be paper-free when they book and pay for their travel.

Viator is still the leader when it comes to transport. It is among the top 10,000 web sites in the web for web traffics, with an estimate of 8m hits per month. 3,000 visitors per year. On the other side of the coin getsYourGuide follows with 6 million visitors per months. Viator has a North American inclination, accounting for 38% of total transport, with 7% from the UK, 4% from Australia and 3% from Spain.

On the other hand gettingYourGuide receives more visitors from Europe, with 6% from Great Britain, 4% from Spain, 4% from Germany and 3% from Italy. With 11% of website visitors, the USA continues to be the biggest group. Current Viator transport statistics can be found here and those for Viator get yourselves here. In addition to the high amount of OTAs, there are also disadvantages when working with them.

First, there is a significant amount of commissions, especially if you are relying on OTA for most of your reservations. Whilst it is free to register, both businesses calculate a fee for a purchase. The Viator has a default commissions of 20% of the announced prize. GettYourGuide is not so unique and defines a commissions record depending on the supplier's target location and the nature of the proposed work.

Our commissions include all transaction charges, from payment by debit cards and banking to promotions by our broker. The customer service representative will set the percentage of commissions that can be between 20% and 30%, with higher volumes of vendors getting lower overhead. What kind of commissions should you be paying for sales?

Second, the cancelation policy provided by the OEMs can put the operator in a difficult position. Viator gives a 100% reimbursement to clients who cancels at least 7 working nights in advanced. Using GettYourGuide, clients can terminate up to 24hrs prior to the planned flight departures for a full reimbursement. It can be difficult for the operator to predict the level of consumption and revenue they can generate in a single mono.

This could be an indication to the operator that Viator is satiated with the same routes and activity from the same favorite places. In order to register for Viator, please go to the supplier registration page. If a supplier agrees to the terms of the contract, you will be provided with a login ID and keyword for Viator's existingtranet.

It is the home bank accounts for the vendors. You can use this plattform to create and modify your own product, view your reservations, administer your clients and much more. In order to log in to GettYourGuide, go to the Supplier Management page. This is where vendors fill out a registration request and ask for their contacts.

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