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The Expedia customer service phone number, email, chat and other contact information are included in this post. The Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) is part of Expedia Inc. Send your fax number to our support team so that it can be set up. We had to reduce the number of support requests and support tickets. In case of problems, please contact Expedia Support.

Travelling inspired

Exploring nearby and distant places, including beauties and different civilizations, changes the way you see your place in the global environment. Together we can be a strong power in the struggle against destitution, illness and repression, while at the same time making a life that is lasting and worthy of humanity possible. We are committed to CSR in line with eight of the 17 United Nations goals for sustainability - those that focus on the protection of the earth, the provision of good educational standards, the promotion of gender mainstreaming and the promotion of a more inclusive, just and tranquil underworld.

We' re working with our worldwide Mercy Corps to have a direct influence on these major topics. Mercy Corps is implementing courageous ways to help empower individuals to overcome adversities and create strong community from within in more than 40 nations around the globe. Together we believe that a better oceanside is possible.

We are currently concentrating on the following areas around the world: That is why we support them in four targeted ways to ensure a beneficial and sustainable effect for all. We are humiliated by the enthusiasm of our staff for personal contributions and volunteer work. That is why we reward their dedication by balancing their contributions with the value of the volunteer experience to strengthen their significant effort and support the organisations they hold dearest.

Base voluntary work contributes to the Expedia's one-of-a-kind fellowship. This is why many sites have employee-driven commissions that seek, schedule and fill on-site voluntary assignments that address a wide range of issues of concern to the area. It is an expansion of our team's commitment to giving back in their own churches.

Located in more than 50 nations during our fundraising month, this meeting offers all expeditors the chance to come together and use their free and talented resources to make useful donations where they work and work. This programme, often referred to as "the most cool excursion of all time", leads the expeditions to a challenging goal and immerses them in a sense of how we can support the region's tourist and eco-label.

These trips have a long-lasting effect as they break down obstacles and open up new opportunities for us to influence the game. At Expedia, however, it's your co-workers and your boyfriends who make a big impression every single working day.

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