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To make travel bookings on Expedia For TD, you must use your TD Travel Credit Card associated with your TD Rewards account. TD has partnered with Expedia to provide its customers with its own travel service. EXEDIA for TD, Teleperformance Egypt, Cairo, Egypt. Articles about Expedia for TD, Teleperformance Egypt.

C# - Why doesn't my Expedia For TD route appear in the application? - Mobile User Happiness

C# - Why doesn't my Expedia For TD route appear in the application? TD has entered into a partnership with Expedia to provide its clients with its own travelling services. Whereas Expedia.ca and TDRewards.com/Expedia-For-TD have the same stock, each website is its own one-of-a-kind system. For this reason, you cannot see Expedia For TD routes when logging into the Expedia Application.

C# - Why doesn't my Expedia For TD route appear in the application? Can I see a travel route that I have purchased through my Expedia accoun? My AARP route is not displayed in the application. Why? What can I do to see a travel route without logging into my Expedia client profile?

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Expedia For TD Sucks - How TD Canada Trust Forfeited My Deal!

EXDEDIA for TD sucks asses! I am usually cool-headed, but it shouldn't take 3 hrs to make a reservation! First I searched ExpediaForTD.com for trips for an intercontinental trip and found the desired trip - not only was there $600 more to be booked directly than with Air Canada, but when I choose "Select This Flights", an err:):

We are sorry, but your reservation needs to be made on hardcopy and an air carrier on your route no longer accept it. Even though e-tickets are used for most air travel reservations, some routes still need to be booked on hard copy. This includes two or more carriers that do not have e-ticketing arrangements with each other.

Just go back to your results and choose a flight with another airline. So tell me they're gonna bill me $40 to put this up. If you could not make a booking or had problems with Carlson, you would forgo the service charges. After I had not understood this dumb law, I said they should go ahead and make reservations and the individual was still fighting.

At the end I told them NOT to make a reservation and I phoned back to the old TD Traveller Awards Centre. If you are booking through the TD Traveller Awards Centre (the old system), you will now only receive 6 TD points per trip instead of 9 when booking through the ********** Expedia For TD.

So I went ahead and made a reservation with TD because my needs were pressing. Unexpectedly, they have just missed a client booking over $50k in Travel with them a year. Saints, $50,000 a year? Didn't try Expedia for TD yet, did I? Have you tried the same with Expedia. Right?

Perhaps it is an Expedia edition and not TD edition? Accommodation, BC Canada, prices on TD Expedia $30 more than on the resort website. TeleTD would just call the hotels directly to make the reservation and there would be no charges as it was not available on their website. There is no obligation to make a reservation with TD to collect or cash points with the TD First Class Infinite Visa.

Anywhere you can make a reservation, use your TD visa to cover it, waiting a few extra nights for the fee to appear, and then call TD to cash in your points. However, you will receive rebate points if you post via TD. With the TD rewards system leaving others in the duff, you can spend your points on just about anything related to travelling.

All of the reasons to settle for TD were the 9 points per $ gained when you booked a trip. You' ve cut that to 6 for having to call in and on that if you can't sign up for a rates available on a hotel's straightforward website it's now hardly scriptpted the 20+ minutes rubbish it' put you through.

There are other things like holiday packets I'm not sure yet, but I'm also not too upbeat, so ya buck elswhere at very big savings and lose the skill to get most of the ticket. anyone know why the hold times with td travel reward center is so long late - can't seem to get through...?

I' ll get much more value if I book my Aeroplan J-Class trips internationally than any other rewards can ever reach. It' so difficult to find the flight you are interested in, even if you use another side (kayak) to find the best one. I just got off the telephone with Expedia for TD for an hour. All right.

So, I try to enter a ticket on her website and she casts some BS mistake, but Claims could not authorise pay of TD. Fine, I call TD to find out what happens..takes about 2 mins, says they authorise it, but Expedia doesn't claim it..... She' s working it out with Expedia to give me my PLUS points plus 1000 points..... quite nicely, I think....

So, they speak to Expedia and take me to a "child" with Expedia for TD..... obviously from North America.... Anyway, after almost an hours, the "airline" says it won't allow it, because the prizes are all over the place.... huh??!?!?!! I' ve formally ceased traveling through TD.

At first the dude wasn't clear and I had trouble hearing what he was saying. This was my first one with Expedia for TD and I will NOT use it anymore. Expedia's purpose is to quickly see rates from various carriers, properties, etc.

The Expedia for TD is so bulky that it is faster to go to westjet.com and aircanada.com and check rates by hand. It' s silly that I have to do a new query to modify the data by one tag. Let's be fair here, though, the old TD travel site was pretty shite too.

To go from 9 points to 6 points is obviously a matter of covering costs, as Expedia will likely charge TD. and a 33% discount is a big thing. Many other visas will become more appealing without this. I' ve just posted through ExpediaForTD again for the fifth one in 3 month; I'm tired of looking at new visas as we talk, I have to use this page too often to come to terms with a badly crafted and sluggish page.

and we stayed with Expedia for a while. And I should also say that you can no longer fly Air Canada Tango on low-cost Air Canada Tango routes. Only Air Canada Tango Plus can be booked. The Tango Plus flight is 30-40% more expensive than Tango Plus or West Jet flight.

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