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Expedia App is your all-in-one travel companion. The Expedia Group (NASDAQ: EXPE) is the global travel platform with the power to make the world accessible to millions of people. So I bought a ticket on South African Airways with Expedia. Explore the power that makes travelling better every day. The way companies like Expedia and Priceline work.

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TI for Expedia is an AIG firm, not too sordid. While for some or all of these circumstances, depending on the insurance plan, you may not be able to terminate, most of your medical condition is insured, as was the case before. There are some guidelines that will reimburse you if your hosts, your hosts, OR your host families become ill and you are unable to leave. Others, which is odd, do not provide coverage for travel escorts who become ill and are also married.

Every travel policy taken out is subject to the "reservation" rule. Having paid too much for travel health care, which also covers travel interruptions, I now buy my own. We have to be 70 years old to get some coverage. Obviously it can' t blanket anything, but if a journey will cost about 10K, not having to spend a few hundred for coverings is foolhearted. What's more, it''s not worth it.

I' m NOT an underwriter.

xpedia is not refunding my trip that I canceled.

Preferred travel troubleshooter: Well, I got a South African Airways pass with Expedia. The SAA cancelled part of my trip (I received a confirmation from the SAA). Because I had an intercontinental link and there were no other SAA connections, I had to buy a new home airfare from another carrier.

I' m trying to get a restitution for the cancelled knee now. Whilst I can see on my coffee cart bill that SAA has been paid for the tickets (Expedia got a small commission), SAA refuses the reimbursement. I' ve called Expedia twice, with no answer at all. I also tried to approach an Expedia Manager whose contacts I got through your website.

Who is Expedia's responsability and who benefits from my cancelled plane ride? I' m wondering how many other travellers get bolted this way. Just followed us on flipboard. If a carrier cancel a part of your trip and you do not take a new one, they must pay back the price of the new one.

I' m sure your travel agency, Expedia, will take care of it. Checking out, which provides a reimbursement for a cancelled ticket. I' m amazed the senior liaison didn't answer. I' ll be listing the Expedia and SAA executives' name, numbers and e-mails on my website for corporate advertising: http://www.elliott.org/company-contacts/expedia/ and /south-african-airways/. They sent me a screen shot showing that SAA has already approved the reimbursement with Expedia.

Travelling by plane should not be difficult, but like any other occupation, the sector likes technical parlance. If SAA had just said: "We'd reimburse the ticket", we wouldn't be here. It was Expedia who handled your reimbursement and you got your payment. And Expedia sent you a $50 gift certificate for the inconvenience.

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