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Expedia's HomeAway also wants the travel agency business

ExpoDy has recently unveiled the acquisition of HomeAway, the alternate on-line accommodation market with more than 1 million offers in 190 states. Home Away is different from Airbnb in its emphasis on second and holiday apartments. A number of travel agencies may see the messages as further evidence that the letting sector is primarily interested in gathering live-booking.

In addition, there are other claims against the letting sector - such as the absence of an integrated commissions scheme and customer security worries - and it is simple to see why a travel agency prefers to book a good old-fashioned motel. However, Bill Furlong, HomeAway VP of North America, believes that travel agencies that do not take into account the company's rents - which includes VRBO offers - are not there.

How travel agencies can profit from HomeAway bookings is explained in Furlong. How should HomeAway products be known to an agent? The HomeAway list contains more homes than the world's biggest hotelier has to let. Indeed, through the real estate on its pages, HomeAway is listing more rooms - about 3 million - than the three biggest hotels in the whole time.

Which is the mean of a HomeAway? On HomeAway.com, the approximate weekly retail priced for a two-bedroom, two-bath home is $1,500. HomeAway has more than a million properties around the world, offering accommodation at a broad pricing spectrum, from affordable rental properties costing less than $100 per room per day to large, high-quality luxurious houses rented for more than $1,000 per room per day.

Have you been your major customer for thousands of years? No. The mean ages for travellers who book via HomeAway are 44 years. Are your customer bases mainly made up of budgeted travellers? If a traveller is on a limited budgets or they are looking for luxurious accommodation, holiday apartments provide an enormous value in comparison to hotel accommodation.

Apartments provide on averages twice as much room as a room in a luxury resort and are furnished with cost-saving facilities such as a fully fitted galley for preparing meals and additional sleeping rooms to share the expenses between relatives and acquaintances. Over 65 million travellers use HomeAway pages every months, regardless of their budgets.

Wherefore should a travel agency book HomeAway for its customers instead of a conventional hotels? Agencies are always thrilled to be able to offer their customers travel opportunities that deliver one-of-a-kind, unforgettable adventures at an enormous value. This is exactly what holiday apartments are about. Hiring an apartment through HomeAway allows a travel agent to find a home for a customer that has a stunning swimmingpool or a stunning multimedia room, while the bathroom or several rooms are perfectly tailored to the customer's needs.

The cottages are designed to welcome visitors; there are no strange things in the drawer or in the refrigerator. Apartments are also the perfect way to travel with a group or your hosts. Home away rents offer twice as much room as a room in a city.

What can an agent do with HomeAway/VRBO bookings? There are currently more than 100 travel agencies that have signed up to the HomeAway Partner Programme and can make a provision every single day they sign up a customer to live in a HomeAway Pay-per-Booking listing.

What can an agent do with the security of a HomeAway home, as it does not have the necessary facilities for a real estate establishment? just like any questioning traveller, media should be reading reports and calling the owner to get a better idea of what the property really is like. If there are more ratings and pictures, the better.

Home-away offers offer a detailed description of the real estate to ensure that it is a secure and appropriate option for a travel agent's customers. Travel agencies should familiarize themselves with HomeAway's security guidelines for specific security measures. Are there anyone at HomeAway/VRBO who speaks on the telephone with an agent who tries to better tailor their customers to the right object?

The best resources when you book a holiday home are the owner or caretaker if you have any queries or doubts. When you want to know if a particular offer is suitable for your customer, the owner can tell you what to look for. You will also respond to any reservations regarding bookings, payment and check-in and check-out.

The HomeAway allows only former travellers to check the real estate they have hired. These assessments will help travellers make decisions. If you are trying to locate a site or real estate, HomeAway.com has more than 55 different types of filter to help you determine the kind of real estate that suits your group's needs.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to call our 24-hour service. Is there a destination where a HomeAway hire is much better than the available hotels? Family and groups discover that holiday accommodation is a budgetfriendly alternative when they travel together.

If you compare the typical holiday renting rate with the typical three or even five-star hotels, holiday renting is usually half the rate. Places where the home away rate for an apartment is lower on avarage than a three- to five-star property per overnight stay are the following. Is there a destination where a HomeAway contract provides a much more rich culture than hotels?

Home Away holiday apartments allow travellers to enjoy a holiday in the fullest sense of the word. A stay in an entire home in a city without a hotel allows travellers to enjoy the daily lives of the people. Which are some good things an agent should ask his customer in order to reconcile them with the best leased object?

If you are looking for a holiday home for a customer, travel agencies should ask what they are looking for in a house. But the most important thing is that they should be aware of what kind of conveniences the traveller might be expecting. Holiday accommodations offer travellers the opportunity to experience selected comforts during their stays, such as gastronomic cuisine, home cinema, fantastic swimming pool, easy acces to the resort's facilities, ski-in/ski-out facilities and essential essentials such as washing machines, cooking utensils and a cot.

To know the wishes and needs of the traveller in advance helps in discussions with the owners or caretakers. Is there anything else travel agencies should know? Holiday rental is the ideal complement for travel agencies that specialise in assisting their customers to explore travel opportunities they may not know themselves.

It is good tidings for travel agencies that every year tens of thousands of travelers make their travels unique with the holiday home they were in. Simultaneously, 65 per cent of travellers do not even think of a holiday home when they plan their next journey. Through travel agencies we are hoping to bring holiday renters to an unforgettable holiday with relatives and acquaintances.

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