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If an Expedia confirmation is not a confirmation? She used Expedia to fly to Europe for herself and her four-year-old boy. However, when she got to the airfield, prepared to take off, she realized that she hadn't actually bought the flight - even though she had been given an Expedia confirmation. Martin's case underlines the importance of confirming a flight directly with the carrier, even after receipt of a confirmation through an on-line reservation services such as Expedia.

In responding to her complain, Expedia informed her that she had received an e-mail within 24 hrs of the initial e-mail informing her that the ticket had not been validated. When you' re abused by the airline companies, Travellers United is your vote in Washington. Become the number one tour operator to work with Congress to enhance and secure travellers.

Plus, get $400 of the yearly benefit you can use for only $29/year. Do better travelling. The attorneys have verified and found that Expedia actually sent a second e-mail after the confirmation. Sort of how her flight could have been cancelled, although she got the Expedia confirmation, was suffering a monetary blow, as well as disappointment and lack of attention.

It was Martin who said that she was receiving an Expedia confirmation at the moment of reservation - as well as a reminder of check-in as her depart. But as it turns out, she never really bought the tickets. When she got the unhappy message at the airfield. What happens if you get to the airfield and your Expedia confirmation is not valid?

She had to change her booking for a walk-up on the same date. Her family members were waiting for her and her boy in Europe and a route with reservations by trains at the other end of the plane. When she phoned Expedia and asked for a rebate, she expected that the clear Expedia confirmation and high volumes of transactions through Expedia would give her some lever.

At the end she phoned American Airlines directly to make the booking. It still had to settle over $8,000 for the same day's ticket - more than three of what it had initially spent on its ticket. They were able to quickly make reservations and get Martin and her boy on their way to Europe.

Upon her return to the USA, Martin tried to contact Expedia to lodge a claim that her journey was cancelled despite the confirmation she had got. She did not receive a reply from Expedia via the Facebookessenger. It would have been possible for Martin to escalate her complaints through our Expedia contact.

Expedia confirmation for unbought ticket? At first she didn't seem to know she hadn't been paying for her ticket, but she did acknowledge that Expedia and the company had been charging her ticket for those trips. Do you think this is a lecture - or should Expedia make up for it? We have seen how the failure to validate travel agendas directly with the airlines leads to bad results for travellers.

Also see this tale about another traveller who missed to verify her confirmation. However, should the fault lie with the Expedia confirmation e-mail Martin got to relieve her of the direct confirmation responsibilities with the carrier? We are receiving several inquiries every weeks from users who are in difficult circumstances because they have not been reading confirmation e-mails.

It is very important to read this confirmation e-mail. In this case, the difference is that the initial confirmation seemed accurate to the client and there were other signs that the voyage was completed as foreseen. Any unforeseen messages at the moment of reservation, however, remained unnoticeable to the client.

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