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The Expedia Group sees itself primarily as a provider of accommodation and activities. Expedia Group's business travel brand Egencia is at the heart of the business travel revolution. Edemy, Inc. is a leading online travel company offering leisure and business travel to customers worldwide. For more than a year, Dara Khosrowshahi has been Chief Executive Officer of Expedia, the world's largest online travel company with an extensive brand portfolio, the leading online travel brands such as:.

Over 40 percent of business trips are prolonged for recreational purposes: edema

Vegas, December 7, 2016 - A new survey by Expedia Media Solutions, the public relations department of Expedia, Inc. and Luth Research reveals the reservation patterns of recreational or corporate travellers who expand their travel to include recreational travel and recreational pursuits. Presented today at the Expedia Partner Conference, the "Profile of the American Bleisure Traveler" provides an overview of recreational travellers and provides useful insight that will help tour operators understanding and influencing this desired travel group.

Overall, the survey found that 43 per cent of all corporate travel at home and abroad is leisure travel. Generally, leisure travellers often have a condensed and complicated buying behaviour and are affected by a multitude of different elements, such as the position of the journey, places of interest and local activity and the week-environment.

Investigations have shown that leisure travellers are often corporate travellers, as 32 per cent travel to work once or twice a months and 71 per cent of corporate travel takes two to three night. In the case of cross-border travel, the rate of travel to foreign countries has risen to 52 per cent, which shows that travel abroad can influence the probability of traveling.

Recreational travel is also a good way to cut travel costs, as 66 per cent of recreational travellers agree that they are spending more on recreational pursuits because of the reduced travel price. Twenty-seven per cent stated that the proportion of free time spent on a journey usually corresponds to the length of the share of travel, while 21 per cent stated that they travel more in their free time than for work.

Longer journeys can make a recreational journey more likely; those travelling for three to eight consecutive or longer nights are 30 per cent more likely to include recreational time. Conference or congress travel becomes more of a recreational (43 percent) than collective (24 percent) or promotional (nine percent) travel.

Most leisure travel takes place in the same town or region as the corporate travel (84 percent), but as the duration of the corporate travel grows, the probability of the traveller visiting more than one town or region rises. If you are on the road for at least three working nights, you tend to go to three or more towns (20 percent).

Over 80 per cent of leisure travellers said they were staying at the hotels where they were on the road, while over 30 per cent said they were likely to be staying at other hotels or with families. Out of those who said they usually don't live in the same hotels, the largest factor is the cost of the hotels (72 percent) and whether they have relatives or boyfriends in the area (58 percent).

The majority of recreational travellers research or make personal bookings for the recreational part of their journey, among them hotels (70 percent), airfares (52 percent) and hotels (50 percent). With 66 per cent, the most important determinant for turning corporate travel into free time, followed by the extra cost of extending the journey (59 per cent) and proximity to the week-end (51 per cent).

Among those who consider the travel destinations as a recreational travel driver, 85% said they prefer places with great sights, followed by the beach (63%) and eating and dining (57%). Almost 50 per cent said that the museums or the arts community is a contributing force, while 42 per cent are more likely to consider leisure travel to places with the outdoors.

A third of those surveyed stated that their choice to prolong their travel for their free time depends on whether or not there is an activity in the region; 86% said they took part in a celebration or culture while on a recreational journey, while 76% and 64% respectively took part in a sports activity or one.

Over 60 per cent ranked large towns such as New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C. as top travel destination. Other popular tourist attractions are Denver, Boston, Nashville and San Antonio. As soon as someone has taken a recreational journey into consideration, the way to make a reservation is usually one to four week; more than 80 per cent stated that they would make all or most of their recreational activity or a longer overnight accommodation reservation within this timeframe.

As a rule, when researching for leisure travel, hotels or accommodation are searched first (35 percent), followed by sights (18 percent) and flight or travel bookings (15 percent). Leisure travellers usually attend the most venues (47 percent), followed by local offices of public transport (41 percent). Usually personal computers are the equipment of choice for leisure research in all travel site category, but HomeAway (61 percent) and Open Access (42 percent) are dominating pure portable research.

The strongest attendance is at the beginning of the weeks travel website; a third of the leisure travellers attended a travel website on Monday. The number of visitors on Thursdays fell to its low (17 percent), on Fridays it rose slightly to 23 cents. Trip websites are most frequently accessed during the working day, with a second peak in the evenings; 39 per cent of leisure travellers attended a trip website between 9:00 and 15:00 and 25 per cent attended a trip website between 20:00 and 23:00 Expedia Mediadesolutions was founded in 2007 and is committed to developing on-line and off-line travel and non-trip channel partners to allow them to take advantage of the unparalleled value of Expedia's travel industry leaders as well as worldwide points of sales.

expedia media solutions is a business unit of Expedia, Inc. Who is Expedia, Inc. Expedia, Inc. Travel Travel & Entertainment (NASDAQ: EXPE) is the world's biggest travel agency with an expansive range of branded travel products, including some of the top travel labels online: To read corporate and business stories and insights, please go to www.expediainc. com or join us on Twitter@expediainc.

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