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Subscribe and come with us! USA brand and Expedia Media Solutions launch immersive 3-D audio campaign to draw inspiration from international travelers

"Believing in the transformational force of tone to travel and discover, the unparalleled 3-D immersive listening environment shifts the limits of your fantasy and takes the listener with earphones to their destination in the United States," said Hari Nair, Expedia Media Sr. "It will enable Brand USA to work with travellers from around the world in a refreshing and thrilling way, and is an example of the cutting-edge, technology-oriented approaches we are developing for our commercial partner.

" Emphasis of the advertising campaigns is on the new IMAX film by Brand USA, America's Musical Journey, which sheds light on America's musical story with the help of soundtrack. "We are excited to work with Expedia Media Solutions to develop ways to enhance the unique attractions and unique audio experiences that exist only in the United States," said Tom Garzilli, Brand USA CEOarketing.

"We' re optimistic that the Sound Travels programme, which is constantly evolving, will encourage people to travel to one of our bustling travel destination. "Sound Travels' next-generation Sound Travels interactivity platform allows travellers to experience the uniquely captivating sound of various places and activity awaiting to be explored in the United States, such as Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Las Vegas, Nevada; Miami, Florida and more.

Attendees are encouraged to plug in their earphones - no specific gear needed - and choose their favourite hearing experiences. Once the chosen music has been heard, the visitor receives individual travel suggestions depending on their own individual travel preference. Turntable users can also browse the site for extra target information such as news items, photographs, route suggestions and promotional offers, and sort their preference by 3-D playlist or location.

In order to achieve Brand USA's goal of more commitment and global visits, the customized campaigns-hub offers an embedded reservation-idget, which helps prospective travellers to get from the source of ideas to the discovery to the booking. Ongoing until June 30, 2018, the seamlessly integrates with consumer sites in Australia, Canada, Mexico and the UK with screen ads for authenticated travellers on Expedia and SMB.

Cobranded TV commercials, which will be broadcast in Mexico and the UK until August 31, 2018, will be exploring Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas and Miami through the lenses of sounds and touring. The Expedia Media Solution, the publicity department of Expedia, Inc. provides sector knowledge and a range of online media services that enable brand names to attract, retain and impact their high quality travel audiences around the globe.

With its extensive ecosystem of travel brand leaders and points of sales around the world, Expedia Media Solution provides its affiliates with data-driven insight into travellers' behavior at every step of the purchasing trip, along with a range of vibrant promotional tools to provide targeted campaigning and measured-result. Further information can be found at www.advertising.expedia.com. The United States Travel Promotion Act establishes Brand USA, the United States' travel promotion organisation, as the country's first public-private relationship to advertise the United States as a premium travel destinations and publicize the United States' travel policy and practices to travellers worldwidely.

It is the organization's task to step up the United States' global visit in order to boost the US industry and improve the United States' global reputation. Founded as Corporation for Travel Promotion in 2010, the public-private company started operation in May 2011 and operates under the name Brand USA.

Oxford Economics research shows that Brand USA's five-year branding efforts have contributed to 5. More than 4 million additional U.S. attendees, with more than $38 billion in macroeconomic impacts and an annual mean of more than 51,000 additional workstations.

For more information about the United States and the limitless variety of travel experience and genuine, abundant cultural life in the United States, please go to Brand USA's VisitTheUSA.com website and join Look The USA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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