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Winning a $1,000 Expedia Travel Voucher - Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy This sweepstake is governed by national, state and municipal legislation and regulation. Participation in the competition represents your full and unreserved adherence to these "Official Rules". "The winnings of a trophy are dependent on compliance with these formalities and all other conditions specified here. SWEPSTAKES PERIOD: Participation in the competition starts at 8:00 EST on December 12, 2016 and ends at 23:59 EST on February 1, 2017.

for the Sweepstakes period. SWEEPSTAKE INSTRUCTIONS: Restrict one (1) listing per individual and e-mail addresses for the length of the competition, regardless of the type of enter. Submissions become the sponsor's own and will not be accepted or refunded. PRICE DRAWING: The sponsor will choose a prospective lead award winning contest on February 2, 2017.

Sponsor will try to e-mail the prospective winners on or about February 2, 2017. In the event that the prospective contestant cannot be approached within two (2) day after the date of the first match, Sponsor may randomly choose another prospective contestant in his/her place from the outstanding unqualified submissions.

WINNING NOTIFICATIONS: Prospective recipients will be informed by e-mail. Any prospective award recipient is obliged to fill in, digitally subscribe and send in a declaration of conformity within two (2) day after sending the notification or attempt to do so in order to receive the award. In the event that a prospective contestant cannot be approached or the declaration of compliance is not submitted within the necessary deadline (if applicable) or the award is deemed to have been undelivered, the prospective contestant loses his/her award.

Where the prospective contestant is at least 18 years of age but is still under age in his or her home country, the sponsor retains the right to present the contest on his or her parents' or their legally appointed representative's name, who must endorse the contest statement of compliance on the name of the prospective contestant and meet all other applicable win requirement specified herein.

Prospective winnings must still meet all eligibility criteria of these formal rules, and winnings are subject to compliance with all of them. If for any occasion a prospective contest holder is discarded, Sponsor will give the appropriate prizes to an alternative contest holder by randomly selecting from all outstanding qualifying submissions.

There will be only three (3) alternative draws after which the award will not be given. PRICE CONDITIONS AND REGULATIONS: Expedia® made this quote available to the individual who won the travel voucher in the Further Afield Guide Contest in December 2016 and obtained their non-transferable voucher codes in paper form.

Arrival from a lodging or air + book a room on Expedia.com. The voucher is effective between December 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017, the trip must be concluded by December 31, 2017 at the latest. If you modify or reverse part of your reservation, the voucher does not count towards the modified itinerary.

This voucher's conditions are as described and cannot be modified by the presentation of an unauthorised individual, as well as Expedia, Inc. staff. Sponsor may, in the unlikely event that operations, safety or management of the Prize Contest are compromised for any cause, such as, but not restricted to, scams, viruses, bugs, worms, unauthorised acts of man or other technological problems, or in the case that the Prize Contest cannot be conducted as scheduled for any other cause as Sponsor may determine in its absolute judgment,

either (a) discontinue the Competition to remedy the disruption and then restart the Competition in a way that best reflects the letter of these formal rules, or (b) end the Competition and, in the case of completion, randomly allocate the prize from the unsubstantiated, unsubstantiated submissions obtained up to the date of the disruption.

Sponsor retains the right, in its absolute opinion, to deny any player who tamper with or violates these rules or acts in an unsporting or distracting way. Attempts by any party to corrupt the Site or interfere with the proper functioning of the Prize Contest may constitute a breach of applicable penal and civic laws and, if such an action is taken, Sponsor retains the right to claim compensation (including attorneys' fees) and other legal redress from such party to the maximum permissible under applicable laws.

Sponsor's non-enforcement of any of the provisions of these formal regulations shall not be deemed a foregoing. Participants, Sponsor and all their relevant parent, subsidiary, affiliate, marketing and promotional agency, other affiliate, and all their relevant executives, managers, directors, staff, stockholders, stockholders, proxies and proxies (the Indemnified Parties) shall be indemnified against any and all claims or causes of legal proceedings resulting from entering the Contest or receiving or using the Contest (including but not restricted to, any travel or activities associated with the Contest):

a) all defects related to the Prize Draw, which may include loss, interruption or unavailability of ISPs, networks, servers, Wi-Fi providers or other links, access or miscommunication, or computer, satellites, telephone, mobile or wire communications, wiring or equipment malfunction, or confused, encrypted, slowed or misrouted transmission or malfunction of computer equipment or softwares, downtime or inconvenience; or;

b ) unauthorised personal interference in the Prize Contest; (c) mechanic, networking, electronic, computer, people, print or typographic inaccuracies; (d) download of applications, (e) other mistakes or issues related to the Prize Contest, but not limited to mistakes made in managing the Prize Contest, announcing the Winners, canceling or postponing the Contest and/or transferring, if any, the faulty download of the Applica, converting of the Download of Applications or in any way related to the Prize Contest;

and/or (f) injuries, fatalities, losses or damage of any kind to any person or things that may be directly or implicitly, in whole or in part, due to entry into the Contest or accepting, accepting or misusing the Proff. The Participant further consents that the exempted parties' liabilities shall in any case be restricted to the costs of entry into the competition and that in no case shall the Participant be eligible for legal costs.

Also, released parties are not liable for erroneous or imprecise information, whether due to website user, manipulation, hacking or devices or coding in connection with the competition. The participant renounces the right to demand any compensation, inclusive, but not restricted to, criminal, subsequent, immediate or incidental damage.

Unless otherwise forbidden, each participant consents to all controversy, claim and cause of action resulting from or related to the contest or any award made being decided separately, without recourse to a collective claim and solely by the competent New York courts.

Any matters and matters relating to the design, operation, interpretation and enforcement of these Terms, the participants' or Sponsor's or Sponsor's rights and duties in relation to the Contest shall be subject to and interpreted in accordance with the New York Statutes, without giving effect to any applicable conflicts of law principles or conflicts of law principles that would result in the enforcement of the statutes of any jurisdictions other than New York.

If you are interacting with us through the Site, we may gather personal information and other information from you as described below: The personal information you submit through the Site: We will make every reasonable attempt to include a hyperlink to this privacy statement wherever Personal Information is collected by us. If you volunteer to give us personal information, you agree that we may use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

As a result, we do not customize the automated tracing and gathering of our website in reaction to a Do Not Track message or inquiry. Please be aware that no personal information is available or used in this procedure. We do not gather any personal information without your consent in all cases in which we use them.

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