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Alert:Expedia splits round trips into 2 separate airfares - Air Travel Forum

This is a one-way package, each with its own set of regulations and limitations. I have to postpone a journey for the first and now I have to cover two cancellations for one. She said it was Air Canada that divided the planes.

They were angry when I phoned Air Canada to ask them to re-publish it as a roundtrip as I' d posted it. You said you're done getting these phone conversations, not sharing your ticket or tell Expedia to share your ticket. Said that Air Canada told Expedia not to divvy up the seats.

Now, that's it for Expedia. I would rather be paying a few bucks more (and usually that's all - a few bucks; the only upside of these sites is being able to make comparisons of air travel choices and prices across airways and then once you're there, it's a matter of ease to do the booking) and directly with the airways as deals with an ruthless comany like this.

What is "ruthless" about saying what they do? Obviously, you have the opportunity not to do so, do not buy the passes. If you think they won't give you a round-trip fare for the two one-way streets, it's up to you to expect something that doesn't have to.

Two one-way travel passes are sometimes less expensive than one round-trip pass. That' s what Expedia offers you, the cheapest one. If you want round-trip travel, stop purchasing two one-way travelcards. Searching for airfares and rates, I went to ROUND-TRIP. It was exactly the same procedure as when you booked a round tour.

This has never produced two different tariffs. It' not as if I just hit a track, bought a seat, then went back to the starting line, hit another track and bought another track. Expedia divided the journey into two tariffs. Most of the time I think the focus is on the itineraries, time and rates and don't even realize the additional words.

and I didn't know they were two different tariffs. I' ve never seen this before (even on Expedia, but to be honest, I don't often use Expedia - this one just for convenience). And as for less expensive, if that's what Expedia did (and I don't know it was), then they should give yu the explicit choice to click RT ARE ( and give that fare) or TWO WAY TARIFF (and give that fare).

Not an Expedia pistol to the top of your neck, is it? "Clicking on ROUNDTRIP. "They gave you a roundtrip, only with two individual passes. Directly below the fare is a large e in a large bullet in a large blackened point with important information in large blackened characters, followed by "Your ticket is a two-way fare package, each with its own set of regulations and limitations.

Disposable is also printed in heavy print. There may be something lacking here, but a round-trip flight will ALWAYS concern "2 flights" according to your name, i.e. A to A, and these must always be chosen individually, as you have a selection of time.

The meat seems to be that you were expecting on one and not two separated, as 2 individual tariffs. However, in many cases this works exactly the same way nowadays, many carriers ask you to buy extra round-trip airfare.

I' m not quite sure why Air Canada has crossed with Expedia, unless this leads to lower rates than purchasing a so-called "round-trip ticket" directly from the carrier (or perhaps because they complain about the cancelation fees,....). It is possible that you wanted to consider this as a RESERVATION and you may have been hoping that the reversal charge would be per reservation and not per ticketing.

But again I think Expedia's information was quite clear (and not uncommon, either). While it may be useful to remember them that they know exactly what they are purchasing BEFORE they buy it, and not just make suppositions on the basis of what they may have previously purchased, it seems to me from the descriptions you give that Expedia has talked about it entirely in advance, and I really don't see how you can say "misleading practices"!

A few folks may be lucky to get a round trips as two single travellers if it will save them time. So long as Expedia makes it clear that that's what they're sellin', I don't see the issue. You' ve probably checked the travel report with the fare, so you couldn't miss the important information about the air.

They wanted a round voyage and reserved a round voyage. They may be prejudiced against Expedia because I've used it a great deal and I'm satisfied with them, but they'll tell you if it's a stand-alone ticketing before you pay. I' m also interested in buying seperate passes. I' ve never had any problems to book a journey back with Expedia, even if it is done e.g. by KLM and AF.

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