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bamboozled: Brother Expedia customer service deadly cost $ 18,000 of flights into the sky

Stephanie McGhee chose to pamper herself to commemorate her centenary. "I' ve only taken one holiday in about 12 years, and 25 lessons is a long period of leisure in economics, so I've chosen to use some of my life saving to buy my next ticket to get there," said the Montclair lady.

"It was purchased on Expedia last March, and the airline ticket's on three different routes. Said she was upset because the bookings affected so many carriers and she was informed by e-mail about changes in airfares. She said she was keeping an eye on the changes. A few months ago, she said she had been receiving emergency e-mails asking her to get in touch with Expedia immediately because there was a big modification to a plane and she had to do it.

She phoned and phoned, but she had trouble getting through to an operative. It was always separated, she said. Then, last week, an Expedia representative phoned her. "One of the trips - from Bangalore, India to Sri Lanka - was canceled and I was rescheduled for the next day," she said.

" It was unacceptable, said she to the agents, but the agents said there were no other available connections. "The best thing I could do was cancellation of my ticket, get a full reimbursement and then rebook," she said. "and about five to ten mins later I was separated.

MacGhee re-examined her booking on Expedia, but she only showed half her travel plan. There was no plane to or from Newark under "Departure". Expedia said it was canceled, and the plane was shown as valid. MacGhee said she phoned Expedia more than a couple hundred people and she had the same experiences over and over again.

"When I' m not separated, the system says it has no entry for this number, but they obviously have it in their system because they phoned me. It said for the few times it actually got through to an agent, the call was severed before any help was given.

"I' d declare that I've phoned a few time, kept getting separated and a former operative helped me. I' m asking for this agent,' she said. "Because she doesn't know the individual and her system doesn't work that way, the new operative says they can't put me on the other one.

" The line remained long enough alive with an operative to tell her why she had to reverse the booking. That means said there would be annulment charges, McGhee said, but she reasoned that she was allowed to a reimbursement without a surcharge. She said the asset said he had to verify it.

"I' m telling you that the former operative was verified and in the midst of the cancellation and refund, and I was 15, 20, 25 min on holding when we were separated," said McCGhee. 15 mins. 20 mins. 25 mins. "Last I phoned, I said to the spy that I wasn't angry at her, she's just doing herjobs, but what section at Expedia headquarters should I use her system to get in touch with because it's crazy," she said.

" "I' asked her the name of her superior in case I got separated again. MacGhee's been reassigned. She said she was separated after 15 mins. of waiting. "I' m not sure I'm being deliberately separated because it doesn't look like it, but I'm starting to wonder," she said.

McGhee tried to contact Expedia by e-mail after this last call and described her problems and experiences in customer service. Expedia's automatic response was: "We will do our best to answer your request within 24 hours". "Ironically, I found United Airlines website seats that would take me to Sri Lanka five less than an hour and costs $1,000 less each," she said.

" It' too latefor her to call off her travel arrangements, so McGhee grudgingly book the flight directly through the carrier for $15,600. She has been leaving with almost $30,000 in charge of her debts, and she is hoping Expedia will reimburse her for it. We' ve checked McGhee's records and contacted Expedia.

As Expedia was researching, we were checking McGhee's travel plan on-line. She said that part of the journey was lacking and the cancellation was still considered approved. "We' ve not been given any information about the regulations or limitations for this particular game. "Skip a plane ride, and that counts?

At the end of the morning, MacGhee got a call from Addison Anderson, a seasoned Expedia.com expert. "They explained that Expedia approved a full reimbursement for me and they will be sending an e-mail to confirm this later this evening," said Marc. "After a few moments, we got an e-mail from Expedia.

One spokesperson said the McGhee firm phoned directly, and it contained a copy of a deed, autographed by the same representative who phoned McGhee, with particulars of the firm's ruling. By and large, the note acknowledged McGhee's account of the incidents, but he had an account for the call McGhee made when she spoke to a superior and was separated.

"According to our notes, the agents tried to reach the callers at the desired telephone number without success," the man said. However, the good part of the message was that the deed said McGhee would get a full $18,124.20back. "We' re sorry for any frustrations during your call to Expedia and the discomfort that has been created by the appointment changes," the note said.

" We are thankful Expedia McGhee was able to help, and quickly, but we regret that it took more than a decade of telephone call, an e-mail and a push from Bamboozled to do that.

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