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A rough guide to Cyprus - Marc Dubin

Rough Cyprus guides in epoxy-pub size explore every nook and cranny of this Mediterranean paradise, from the beautiful sand beach and forested slopes to the old church and pub. This up-to-date travel book offers an overview of Cyprus' historic kitchen and lavish art and religion - stunning Ottoman mausoleums, Romanesque temples, Romanesque church and Romanesque cloisters.

This introductory book discusses what you should not miss and is accompanied by breathtaking photographs showing the tragic nature of Cyprus. You will find scores of ratings from the best places to eat, night life and hotel in Cyprus to the best shops, fun and adventure as well as all the important information you need for the journey of a life.

Rough Guide to Cyprus is the indispensable guide to this split archipelago, providing an insider's view of both the North and the South. Use your free Rough Guide to Cyprus.

Traveller Troubleshooter: Airlines cancelled, but reimbursement still in the skies

Jeffrey Saffitz cancelled his Aer Lingus trip from Boston to Madrid more than eight months ago. Where' s his reimbursement? Why is Expedia hauling his legs? Jeffrey Saffitz cancelled his Aer Lingus trip from Boston to Madrid more than eight months ago. Where' s his reimbursement? Why is Expedia hauling his legs?

F: My family and I used Expedia to book a trip from Boston to Madrid via Dublin with Aer Lingus. Because of the bad meteorological conditions in Dublin, the carrier cancelled our one-wayer. Expedia and Aer Lingus have not informed us of the withdrawal (any of these allegations are the sole liability of the other party).

Coming to Logan Airport in Boston, when we found out that the plane was cancelled, Aer Lingus put us on a one-way service from Boston to Madrid, which was to take off the next all-night. But the airlines also cancelled this connection because of the bad weathers. So we have chosen not to go on the journey because we could not get to Madrid in good season for some important happenings.

We' ve asked Expedia for a reimbursement. It' been almost eight a week since the initial plane was due to take off. We' ve had 10 telephone conversations with Expedia and we' ve been on the telephone for over 20h. We have been informed several time by Expedia agents that we would get a reimbursement, but that did not happen.

Lingus said there were Expedia awaiver reimbursement code on the date of our trip, but every single call to Expedia means the carrier has to call us, and then it says to us to wait seven workdays. And Expedia lied to us over and over again.

Lingus does not assume any liability, as we have reserved through a third person. We' re told that Expedia will keep ignoring us until we give up. We' re asking for a reimbursement for the trip. And we believe that if Aer Lingus or Expedia had informed us about the cancelled one-way ticket, we would have cancelled our reservation in good notice to prevent a fine.

Waban, Mass. and you should have your reimbursement now. Cancellation by an air carrier may result in either a postponed or a full, unquestionable reimbursement. Expedia, as your on-line tourist agency, is in charge of recovering this amount. We do not want Expedia to involve you in the reimbursement process - it should only get the cash back for you.

I' m listing the Expedia account managers' name, numbers and e-mails on my website: www.elliott.org/company-contacts/expedia/. I' m noticing that you have been spending a great deal of speaking on the telephone with Expedia. Telephone conversations are ideal for real-time issues, e.g. if you are stranded at the airfield with a cancelled plane and need a quick change of reservation.

But, in a reimbursement case like yours, you'll want to write it all down. This saves you trouble and money. I' ve been contacting Expedia on your behalf. All right. Vladimir said that the reimbursement would come from Aer Lingus and was on his way. Expedia reported that Aer Lingus will reimburse me within eightweek.

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