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Book a ticket? Airline sites abroad have better offers and better value for your investment. Travelers booking airline ticket on UK airline sites - with an address ending in.co. uk rather than.

com - are likely to pay more for their flight and find fewer promotions than those using the same airline's website abroad.

Clients using the UK web pages for U AE, Virgin Atlantic and Air New Zealand have noted the issue, indicating that it is prevalent throughout the airline it is. I tried to make a reservation for a flight back from London Heathrow to Chicago for mid-April on United's website. Aiming at US flyer and displaying US dollar pricing information, united.com showed high levels of available space in the economics cab, with some extra seating in an economics plus class providing extra leg room for a $99-bonus.

However, unitedairlines.co. uk showed significantly fewer places on the same flights and had no plus-class. Lowest priced low-cost place on U.Com was $696. Sixty or about 436 before tax, while the comparative figure on the UK website was £465 - 7% more. British people cannot simply buy cheap fares on united.com because the program does not approve it.

United' s UK Help Desk is conscious of the difference between locations but cannot use the lower tariffs or the united. One of the airline's statements acknowledges that rates may occasionally vary from country to country, but says that at least the rates are uniform across the UK.

"In the UK, we are offering the same low rates through UK tour operators as through unitedairlines.co. uk," the comapny states. There are other carriers that have different ways of discriminating against UK clients. London-New Zealand round-trip air traveler Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies, an expert traveler who manages communication on the Holidaylettings.co. uk website, has reserved a one-way ticket from London to New Zealand with Air New Zealand.

It found that a specific domestic flight service was available on the airline's website airnewzealand.co. nz, but not on one. "â??My man is a kiwi, so he intuitively glanced at the New Zealand side and saw the deal,â? she says. "A spokesperson for Air New Zealand in Auckland says she always tries to give travellers the best deals, no matter how they make their reservations and where they are flying from.

It is not only the foreign carriers that are facing the challenge. Vast Construction's London-based developer Bradley Knight has come across different prices with Virgin Atlantic of Gatwick and the British and US version of its website virgin-atlantic.com. "I' ve lived in the USA and flown between London and Florida regularly," he says.

"I' ve tried to use Virgin for the sake of the good workmanship of the services, but payment in pounds Sterling has always been more costly, usually around 20%. This also applies to some other carriers. "Knight recently flown from London to Las Vegas, then took an interoffice plane to Florida and headed back to London.

"I' ve posted most of it on Virgin," he says. "If I had been paying in pounds sterling and booking on Virgin Atlantic's British website, I would have been spending about £1,400. But, using a US bank transfer which I had in the shop since my stay in America, I got the whole trip in US Luxury for £700.

" One of Virgin's statements is: "Prices can differ between different ends of a country on a given trip because of varying prevailing economic circumstances and changes in the value of currencies over the years. "A lot of carriers - including British ones - prefer their "core markets", usually US consumers and businesspass.

A number of airline companies are reserving low-cost low-cost low-cost low-cost low-cost US airline passenger seat options so that they can no longer purchase business-class or first-class seating. A number of airline companies believe that verbal propaganda is stronger in the US than in Europe, so that sites used by Americans often have pricing and offers designed to retain them.

For example, instead of providing a place with additional leg room on-line, they only provide it personally at check-in - sometimes at a higher rate. Civil Aviation Authoritydoes do not annotate single airline companies, but say that the airline companies are applying different routine and different commercial policies in different nationalities. This would be true for onlinebooking.

"The British may be more affected than others by the almost total liberalisation of prices in this state, which was put in place a few years ago to increase competitiveness. When a carrier wants to make a better bargain to the US or other travelers, it can do so. "Unofficially, some carriers are admitting that they believe that more people are circumventing advertising obstacles by opening banks in other nations or using international relatives and acquaintances to buy their seats.

Meanwhile, United Airlines refused me the opportunity to buy longer leg room and seating on my own Heathrow to Chicago flights, and I was exercising everyone's right in a free market:

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