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Limousine van rental: Locate a minivan for rent If you are in minivan league, Expedia has the rental vehicle you are looking for. Choose a bike kit to suit your needs and know you'll get the best offer! With all the basic functions, Expedia provides automobiles with the added advantages of low cost fuels, high distance performance and reasonable rental charges.

We have a wide range of comfortable cars for all kinds of travellers for all kinds of events. When you are looking for a rental automobile, use Expedia and benefit from the best price guarantee for the cheapest rentalprice. Find the best minivan rental cars at Expedia.

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12Car rental - Ford Transit Wagon

These conditions are applicable to the rental of this car model in supplement to those specified in the rental agreement. Before you book your rental car, please make sure to check. Unaccordant to Federal Bus Safety Standards, the van is not used to carry minors in twelf ( "12th class") or younger, except members of the extended families, for schooling.

Every van operator must have the driving licence required to operate the van, depending on the use and/or organisational state of the lessor. If the van is to be used for the carriage of rents or profits or by a non-profit organisation or group, all vans must have a current category A driving licence with an entry for the carriage of people.

If the van is used by a government or non-governmental institution or region (including a California municipality or state college) pursuant to Section 39800.5 of the Education Code or Section 10326.1 of the Government Order Code, all vans must have a current Category A driver's licence with a travel certificate.

Lessees and extra chauffeurs must have third party insurances that change to a large one. In order for a car to be covered commercially, the renter/driver must have a $1,000,000 reserve, which is transferred to a large-car. The tenants and extra chauffeurs must have a provable accident, hull and third party accident and third party insurances.

MPVs may not be used to carry non-family members in the twelve (12th) class or younger. For 12/15 car rental in New York, Vermont and Newark Airport, a valid debit car is necessary.

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