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Anybody try to fly on expandedia? Why is there no Manila - Hoccaido routing on expedia.com.ph, but a routing on expandedia.com.hk? Is there a hiccup when I pay via exedia.com.hk? Up to now I have only seen the price differences inhkds. Is there a reason why not make a direct booking with the airlines?

If I' m not confused, Expedia is offering the tariff about 200usd more cheap. Did you research Expedia? There' a lot of postings here if you're looking for them. Just be cautious when you book through third parties. When something goes awry after you book, you have to worry about Expedia, not the airlines, which can cause trouble.

Or you might find that the indicated prize is not the final prize? The Expedia often creates odd routes that are not pleasant to the traveller (>1 connections, very long or very brief stays, sometimes on seperate tickets). Ensure that you compare the same route between a third-party website and an airline's immediate offer.

Yeah, I wanted to go with Budgeture, because it's a little less expensive thanxpedia. However, client ratings are not good for communication with client services. EXEDIA seems to be in order and has better criticisms here. Although, I did check with other third parties site, their rates are mostly the same or just a little different.

Why the China eastern airline website itself is more expensive than third-party sites? I' ve tried to go to the bookings page, it seems that it's already the definitive one. You all say budget air has the lowest cost, but I think expandedia is really more dependable.

Do you think that this can also be the case if the travel plan has the same carrier? You mean the third partysite? Simply make sure you know what you are buying before you pay. Yeah, the website of a third provider. It' accredited to Ibata, although it really has a great deal of poor criticism.

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