Here is the reason why Ikea sets the favourite shelf for everyone Expedit, we barely knew you. Recently Ikea said that the beloved shelf system for this planet is not long, and the web has reacted with anger. There' a really good excuse for Ikea to get her out. Expedit is replaced by a new line of shelves named Kallax, which starts in April, Ikea says.

It was a quick and furious choice - especially among record collecting fans, among whom Expedit is something of a icon. The company uses a considerable percentage of the world's timber reserves. That' 17.8 million square metres of timber. A lot of this goes into the production of the veneers you will find on many of Ikea's most beloved items, as well as Expedit.

Well, let's take a look at Kallax. Expedit has the same interior measurements as Ikea - so that Kallax fits into your vinyls as well. Expedit is so unique due to the width of its outside edges. Expedit is not sold publicly, but we know that Ikea is selling about 41 million similar Billy bookshelves per year.

When Ikea can even slice one centimetre of timber with each of these items, it saves a massive amount of on-materials. Currently, 25 per cent of Ikea timber is Forest Stewardship Council approved (although, as one commentator points out, it has recently been questioned). In the past year, they committed themselves to increasing this number to 50 per cent within five years.

If you sell several hundred million items a year, even the smallest saving counts. So, grieve for Expedit - but keep in mind that it will be substituted by the same and that it comes from a more sustained group. Nevertheless, it is a pity to see that Expedit is working properly. Add your own pictures to the commentaries - who knows, maybe Ikea will make a comeback.

Ikea has published pictures of Kallax, and it looks amazing. The decisive factor is that Kallax is described as the "new name" for Expedit.

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