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Connect Expedia with my-allocator - My-allocator The following paper shows how to set up Expedia to be connected to mallocator. Once the link is established on both sides (Expedia and myallocator), we will e-mail you in which we will inform you about the allocation of the rooms. However, since you can only use one plan, we advise you to always choose the "Standard" or "Standard" plan on this page.

Default installment is always the first (highest) installment. When selected, we check the tariffs only for this tariff schedule - all other tariff schedules must be set up so that they can be deduced from the Defualt tariff. For more information on base interest adjustment, click here. Remark: If you need help in finding the value you need to input for net records compared to sales records for taxation please read this article:

What should I do with the tax in mallocator? You must always choose the same language as your Expedia Extranet's standard one. Stage 5: On your overview page you can see that the set-up for the chat has been successfully finished. Notice: This deletes all tariffs and availabilities that were previously on the channels.

Do not do this until you have added the availabilty of this canal to your stock. Click on" Send" to transfer the tariffs and availabilities configured in section 2 to your recently added one.

Allows me to establish an Expedia link.

Go to "Rooms and Rates" in the top Expedia navigation and then click on the "Expedia Connectivity Settings" subset at the bottom right of the pop-up. To do so, please click on "Connect" with the Expedia Agent. Enter your Expedia ID in the "Hotel Code" box and click "Next".

Please choose the appropriate room in the "Availability" box for your rooms on the canal and define the major avaliabilities. On the other hand, you allocate the room prices corresponding to the rooms under "Rate Type for Rooms in Online Travel Agency". Once you have completed the assignment, click on "Next room type" and then continue with the above mentioned procedure for other room sorts.

In order to finalize the detail assignment of the rooms on the canal, please click on Extended settings. In the Extended settings box, you can make further changes and define your own channels commission. If you are not ready to allocate a quota or room allocation to the tunnel, you can specify a restriction and rule book for the map by selecting the Send Updates Is Unavailable area.

Basic availability: When you have a basic availablility for this room category on the trunking, you can specify the number of basic availablilities here. You can process a different tariff than the tariff category assigned to the trunking in this area. CommissiĆ³n: You can enter the deductable commissions record in this box if you want to allocate a gig.

When you add a tariff to the chat room, including the commissions, please do not take any action in this area. If the" Provision included" is available and you set the tariff to "20%","$100" to be recalled from the calender will be handled as "$83.33" in the extranet.

If the" Commission included" item is not available and you input "20%","$100" to be recalled from the calendars will be handled as "$80" in the chat extranet. If enabled, selling will stop on the canal for all events of your course group. When you do not want to transmit an update for this tariff category on your station (tariff, accessibility, minimum duration, stop sell, etc.), please activate the checkbox "Read only".

Core rate: When you activate "Grand Prize" for this tariff category on your TV station, it will be displayed at the top of the calender. When you have completed the room allocation, click on the "Complete & send room allocation" pushbutton. When you have finished assigning the room types, click on "Save".

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