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Locate a location - Bypass the counter. The Emerald Club members are on their way faster. If you are looking for last-minute car rental or plan in advance, at Carla app you will find a car rental offer.

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There are no hits for your area. To find a site near you, please change your postcode or look at the site plan. There are no hits for your area. To find a site near you, please change your postcode or look at the site plan. point- your- Would you like to maintain your car?

Enjoy the ultimate test ride with a broad palette of cars from national to international OEM. You have a large selection of limousines, sport commercial cars, mini MPVs and MPVs, cabriolets and environmentally sound hybrid cars to offer, and we are constantly adding to our portfolio. If you decide in favour of an Avis-certified used car, you also opt for a safe journey.

The Avis certified cars are rigorously serviced to manufacturer specifications and have undergone a stringent multi-point service by ASE certified and ASE master technicians. The riders are convinced of the Avis Certified Programme because we are as committed to security as you are. We do not actually resell a car that has had an incident or has an open callback or security operation.

For security, we have provided you with an AutoCheck and Experian-supported AutoCheck® verify run. Our vehicles are loved and cared for - from periodic washing to preventive service advised by the manufacturer - and we have the service reports to substantiate this. Have you entered the new car rental business?

Get your rest today with an Avis certified car. 170-point point inspections for non-retailers and now available, and 120-point inspections for cars that will be driving soon. Each of the cars on this page are below fair value with a No-Haggle guaranteed car hire rate. In this way you can check your products specification, take the car for a test ride and buy it without negotiating.

Cars that look the same but have a different price may have different kits, higher or lower mileages and/or more additional functions and equipments. For safety reasons, we provide a 12 months or 12,000 mile or more guarantee on the driveline components for each car, with the possibility to obtain prolonged guarantees.

Each Avis-certified used vehicle comes with all residual manufacturers' guarantees and a full year of 24-hour emergency road service from the date of sale. Occasionally, in the unlikely case of a mishap, we offer car hire cover of up to $35 per car per working hour for a car hire cost of up to ten working nights due to a mishap or a manufacturer's guarantee overhaul.

We' ll also give you up to $75 for recovery costs per mishap. When your car is broken more than 100 mile from home, you will be refunded up to $100 per days for a max of $500 per incident for meals and accommodation per indoor mishap. The search for the right car often includes the search for a car that suits your family's needs and your household has.

12-month/12,000-mile guarantee means you can get away safely. When you like to save on your travel and still get a sporty trip, you will enjoy the wide range of economical vehicles we sell. We provide Honda and Toyota, two company that are known to build reasonably priced and beloved car. When you simply want luxurious and cutting-edge technologies, you will enjoy the wide range of used INFINITI, Volkswagen or BMWs we have in our stock.

Avis Used Car Sale offers you luxury vehicles that you could never have afforded with the latest technology. When you have a must-have shopping cart, you will find vehicles topping it up.

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