Find Flights multiple Destinations

Flights find several destinations

I will try to find some ways to find cheaper routes. What is the multi-city fare? We' re helping friends and relatives in different countries to find flights from two different departure airports to a common destination. Select the flight combination Multi-City. Let's say I have a flight from Boston to Copenhagen and it makes a stopover in Iceland.

Locate flights to shared destinations from two different departures.

Instead of having to spend hours searching through manual flights comparisons pages, it offers a one-of-a-kind tool for searching for flights from two different locations. Cross-check rates and travel schedules to find the best synchronization solution for your group. Are you living in a town and your boyfriend or relatives are living in another town, and you want to organize a joint travel to a place to which you can both travel cheap.....

You' ve got people working in different places looking for a place to go to organize a teamming or team-building week-end in a town where they can all go lightly.....

Can I find flights with several stations or organise a journey with several destinations?

Can I find flights with several stations or organise a journey with several destinations? When you have a Membership Rewards profile, type your MYCA user name and your passcode and click the Sign In Buttons. Select the Flights page. Select the Multi-City connection. Then click the Find Flights icon.

The next page lists your choice of flights and fares. Check your travel expenses, travel information, and then add to the travel information in the Who Flies section. Press the Save & Next buttons. Choose locations if the item is available, and then click the Save & Next Buttons.

Fill in your payment information and click the Save & Next buttons. On the Book Your Flight page, please confirm your flight reservations, the" I have reviewed and accept the policy". and then click Book Flight to finalize the flight book. It is also possible to view your reservations from your MyTrip.

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