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In order to find the best offer, you must search on several pages. Many myths exist online about finding cheap flights. Discover how Miles&Smiles can make your life easier! You can book your flights to Germany, Italy, Great Britain or France online at low fares. For domestic flights, the best departure day varies according to origin.

Find the cheapest flights online

Online bookings can be an uncomfortable proces. Once you have checked for rebates, determined the best flying times, decided which itinerary to take and ensured that the fares are right, you still wonder whether you have achieved the best fares. Since 2012 I have scheduled more than 100 flights, among them a $22 trip from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Singapore, a $27 trip from Seoul, South Korea to Osaka, Japan, and a $44 trip from Copenhagen, Denmark to Helsinki.

There is no doubt that there are reasonable flights, but they will not knock on your doors; you need to do some research. Unfortunately, there is not a single magic website that sells the lowest priced flights. In order to find the best quote, you must look on several pages. Begin with kayak and mmondo, which give you an overview of which airline offers your selected flight schedule and the fare band for your preferred flights.

Once you have looked for some of the cheapest flights, go to the airline's website to see if they offer a better deal on the same one. Often companies have personal purchases and promotions that are only available on their websites. One more tip: Review favorite websites in other lands.

Then look for the requested ticket and see if the fares are lower. I used this way to get a $200 cheap ticket from New York to Seoul than anywhere else on the Internet. says the best moment to make a booking for a home trip is between three month and 30 day before your scheduled date of arrival (international flights take longer).

This may seem like child's play, but if you are committed to finding the lowest fare, you need to be adaptable in your date and timing of board. When it suits your timetable, consider taking a red-eye or early dawn plane, as these are the least desired (read: cheapest).

The best price is the apparently random window of opportunity, because it is when the airline companies make the most sell. Airline companies sometimes split promotional and first come first server offerings through their online and online travel sites. How or are you following the Facebook and Twitter pages of the airline companies you usually use to keep up to date with all the surprises.

Non-stop flights are very popular and therefore also the most costly. Think of an alternate itinerary, which may include two (or more) flights to reach your final destinations. Tolerating long idle times can dramatically reduce your airfare. There are more flights to and from these towns, so if you fly through one of these airfields, you can safe cash due to the variety of routes available.

If you are an overseas low-cost carrier such as AirAsia or Peach Aviation, look for alternative airfields that serve only one of them. Sometimes these small airfields are hid from searching machines and may have to do their own research to locate them. Treviso Airport in Venice, Italy, only offers flights with Ryanair and Wizz Air.

When you have compared several websites, call the carrier and ask if they can give you a lower one. Attempt rolling the die and tell the account manager that you have seen a better deal online to see if he or she can fit your line. When you are happy with the prize you found online, you should call the carrier the next day to see if the prize has fallen night.

Then you can book your trip at a lower fare. Confederation regulations demand that airline companies allow cancellation without penalties 24 hrs after the date of sale, provided the tickets are purchased at least one weeks before the date of take-off.

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