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Finding airline tickets

Except for Thanksgiving, you'll find great bargains for autumn trips. Take a look at our travel info to find cool hacks for cheaper flights. City City has launched a website to help people buy cheap airline tickets. You now have the option of not paying the full cost of your ticket in advance. I have developed techniques to find the cheapest flights for a certain route.

Finding your flight

Hint: You can also find a destination by selecting a favorite destination or worldmap. Choose your ticketing option above: one-way, round trip or multi-city. Please click on the calender to choose your flights. Please note: Fares are refreshed approximately every 24hrs. Click on stops, airlines, times or more to sort your results.

To reorder the rows, click the Order by button. The results can be displayed by Best Fly (a standard order that gives you the best compromise between cost and comfort, depending on the length, number of departures and changes at the airports during the stopover), fare, length and departure time. Select a single plane for each part of your journey.

Specify how you want to reserve the flight: If you click Pick for your ticket(s), you will normally be directed to the airline's website or to your local on-line tourist office to finalise the deal. You may be able to purchase tickets for a single journey in some cases. As soon as you have reserved a ticket, please consult the carrier or the on-line tourist office to validate, modify, cancel or solve any problems that may arise.

Please see the airline's or agency's general business policy on their website. Please note: If your ticket cannot be reserved on-line, you will receive a booking instruction by telephone. When you' re done looking for your tickets, you''Flight Insights'' offers you the opportunity to optimise your journey to the next level. Certain departures may not be displayed if:

Airfares are either fully booked or not available. You can buy tickets as individual tickets from one or more of our affiliates. You may see this if you can start saving or opening more itineraries. When you see a note that both tickets can be purchased in a sale from an on-line tourist agent, click on the hyperlink to go to their website.

When your tickets must be purchased separately: Go to the website of the first carrier or on-line tourist office. Verify the prize and buy your first tickets. Go immediately to the website of the next carrier on the website of the tour operator and buy the second tickets to ensure that your second tickets are still available. In the United States, if your second flight cannot be purchased, you can call the carrier to use the 24-hour first flight reimbursement policy.

Please note: If you need to make changes, you may be billed a modification charge for each one. Every carrier has different luggage regulations and charges. The purchase of individual tickets with different carriers may involve the collection and re-checking of luggage, which may take a while. Please consult the carrier to find out about your possibilities.

Charges may differ according to the carrier or on-line booking options.

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