First car Rental

The first car rental

Do you know that you can also buy vehicles from First Car Rental? They all have FSH and low mileage. Prevent the first car rental - Johannesburg Forum I' d just like to advise all holidaymakers to stay away from First Car Rental at all costs. I was billed twice and 2 moths later I am still awaiting the refund of the proper amount and we are quickly nearing the 1 monthly line for my down payment to be given back.

We' ve been billed over R2, 000 for the E-Toll use in Johannesburg, we've driven 3 times through Johannesburg and are still awaiting a clear bill for this amount. If you can show that you have been debited twice, this should be a simple reimbursement of a charge.

Again and again I ask them and remind them that I will get the full amount back and they have always renounced the transactions and exchanges charges. If you have any problems, please send an e-mail to za and provide us with your full name and your R.A. number so that we can contact you and resolve them immediately.

Arrange the first car rental with Bluffman. Suddenly I was astonished to be loaded for refueling after returning the car at the Aiport. He had kept the gas documents in an unusual and accidental way and could verify a mistake. The extra propellant was first added to an airlock (which requires almost 25% of the contents of the tank!) and eventually traced back to "finger errors".

Emphasises the need to keep the tank slips and not to presume that the invoice is accurate. Since your request has already been corrected and returned, there is little we can do to resolve the problems you have had with us, except to say that we apologize for this. While your notice indicates that you are still angry about the mistakes we made, we want to keep you as a client for the time being and ask you to take our refunds and excuses as a token that we acknowledge our mistakes when they occur and we try to do better every time.

I just made a booking with FirstCar! I' m very glad to know that you had many succesful lettings with us. Approximately 1600 rental deals per rental per night in the whole area. Sometimes we are hampered by mistakes in our award-winning system and our client services. We' ve closed gaps at every point of the rental to prevent people from failing, but it happens now and then.

If we are made aware of this, our support staff examines every detail and is sometimes supported by our clients who supply additional evidence that we need to correct the problem. I first uploaded almost 5000 to my map for damages to a specular lens that is available on the web for only a few hundred Rand!

You are better off to pay a little more for a rental car from a more trustworthy firm..... I' ve used First on several opportunities and most recently for a 5-week rental and have never had any of the above issues. Always keep your last receipts, as many car rental firms do not only bill you in Joburg, but also in Cape Town several time.

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