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Other reward cards offer more flexible or more valuable points. Orbice fetch and cache flight data, these data come from various large GDSs. You' re looking and Orbitz shows you the cheap ticket.

Orbitz.com Flexible Appointment Search User Guide - Blog

Have a look at Orbitz if you are flexible with your dates of journey. Three different functions guarantee that you will find a flight price that meets your timetable. STREETS: 1. go to the Orbitz homepage. A quick start page is pre-set to a quick find of a flight.

Locate the right traveller's credential for your application and make up to 40,000 points or $400. Click on Flexible Appointments in the bright amber field below to launch a flexible appointment finder. In the Quick Find field there are now 3 flexible fare searching possibilities.

Choose one. Then click the switch in item 1 and choose the months you want to be in. The Orbitz allows you to find week-end holidays over a time frame of 11 months. Week-end departures start on Thursday, Friday or Saturday and arrive on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. When you click the 2 switch marked "I have some degree of schedule flexibility".

Please specify your holiday and return date. In the two pull-down menus you can chose between one and three workdays before/after your dates of journey. Then click on the switch for the 3 section "I want a journey for....". Specify the length of your journey from the pull-down menu.

The stay starts at 2-4 nights and lasts up to 14-16 nights. When you have chosen your options, type the traveler's information at the bottom of the field. When you choose, select the checkbox to get results only for non-stop fligth. To get your flexible results, click Find.

Please click on the fare that matches your dates of departure. When you have chosen Options 1 - Week-end rates: When you have chosen the 2 - Bonus Day option: If you have chosen the 3 - Flexible Stays: 8 flexible stay options, you should now be able to choose a large number of trips on your monitor.

Browse up and down the page to see different types of flight. If you are using other flights/airlines that appear in the list, click on the carrier or the number of bus and tram stations below the two. For the flight that matches your needs and/or route, click the Select Buttons. Check your route and follow the instructions on the following page(s) to complete your flight on Orbitz.

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