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Obtain the right flight agent job with company ratings and salaries. " Next time, call my travel agent first. IATA Accredited Travel Agency Afri Swiss Travels Kairaba Avenue An IATA Accredited Travel Agency Flight Bookings & Freight Sales. If you don't have links to book directly from Google flights, how to book a flight and says you need to call a travel agent with flight numbers to do it. Her student flights consultant, that's who.

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You will receive a travel confirmation without price information if you wish to charge an extra handling charge. If you buy less than you are selling to your customers, you can benefit from the discounts available at the moment of your sale. e-Travel SA is an online travel agency that was founded in 2007 and focuses mainly on air travel.

The use of the e-Travel S.A. service is free of cost to you. Immediately after completing the enrollment procedure, you can begin to earn. When you log in, you are entitled to a rebate on flight sales via the website. The contract is renewed for each additional year unless cancelled by one of the contracting partners.

The present General Conditions of Business represent a contractual arrangement ("Agreement") between the partner ("you" or "your" depending on the context) and e-Travel S.A. ("us" or "we" depending on the context). Please review these before using the on-line services or any by-product ("Service") provided by e-Travel SA.

If you click on the "Register" and use the Service in any way, you acknowledge, either on your own or on your company's account, that you have reviewed and understand the Agreement and agree to be bound by it. This Agreement may be modified at any moment at our sole option.

You may not be able to use the Service if you do not accept these General Conditions or any changes to them. The use of the e-Travel SA service is free of cost to you. e-Travel SA runs and monitors the service and makes it available to you at its own option.

Except as otherwise agreed, e-Travel SA allows you to make use of the booking system available on any e-Travel SA website (website) and the service for booking tourist information ("Reservation"). You may at any point in your sole and exclusive control modify the Service, at our sole option, and we may at any point in your sole and exclusive control, include, but not be restricted to, the suspension of your e-mail notification of your use of the Service.

Considering that we allow you to use the Service, you accept to be bound by these General Conditions. You are solely responsible for maintaining current and up-to-date partner extranets in MY (Extranet for Partners) to make sure that you are receiving all types of e-mail alerts from e-Travel SA on a timely basis.

Adherence to this Agreement is a condition of your authorization to use the Service as described in Section 1 above and is limited to the following: If you use the Service for unlawful or unlawful uses, you must not use the Service in any way that could harm or disparage the operation of e-Travel SA, we are not accountable for the content of any material posted on partner websites and are under no obligation to grade or review it, and you may not delete, modify, manipulate or otherwise modify the Service or any part of it; your use of the Service does not violate the privacy of any third-parties.

Any and all IP laws, as well as, but not restricted to, copyrights (including computer program copyrights), patent laws, trademark and company name laws, designs, database laws, know-how, commercial confidentiality and trust in the Service ("Intellectual Proprietary Rights") are either held by e-Travel SA or licenced. By using the Service, you agree that you will not gain any right or interest in the Service or the IPRs.

They may not mimic or copy any of the e-Travel SA websites (in general or in relation to certain (new) functions, pages, shape, structure or aspects). As from 25 May 2018, the computer contract annexed to this contract (the "DPA") shall govern the computer operations to be performed under this contract.

It is your responsibility to fully and fully hold e-Travel SA harmless from and against all lawsuits, demands, proceedings, cost, damage and expense (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees) that arise out of your use of the Service, and without restriction, the supply by you of copies or information that may or will be used on your website and hold e-Travel SA harmless to third parties.

Any dispute between you and us under this Agreement shall be settled by means of negotiation or settled at the place of the respondent. The following are considered to be acts of God in this agreement: floods, fire, earthquakes and other natural disasters, as well as armed conflict and activities, the passing by the government of an act leading to non-performance of the commitments under this agreement.

Even though partners have reduced rates on their accounts, e-Travel SA is not required to provide discounts on all routes. When you log in, you are entitled to a rebate on airline ticket sales via the website. e-Travel SA issues e-tickets for the reservations you make on the website after the complete transaction has been completed, regardless of the mode of transport you have chosen.

It is necessary to keep your contacts up to date, as they will be used to notify you of any changes to your booking (e.g. flight plan changes, flight cancellations, etc.). The terms of this contract and the documentation concerning the execution of the contract are strictly confidentially and may not be made accessible to third persons.

The Agreement is effective upon registration. The contract is renewed for each additional year unless cancelled by either party. e-Travel SA may, in its sole and exclusive judgment, immediately cancel the contract upon notification to you. You have no right to use the Service upon the expiration of this Agreement and all of the privileges referred to in Section 1 will be forfeited.

This contract may be terminated at any point in the contract by discontinuing use of our service. Your cancellation of this Agreement shall not affect the right and remedy of e-Travel SA with regard to any violation of this Agreement by you before such cancellation. You are the owner of the treatment ("Owner") and e-Travel S.A. is the holder of the treatment ("Processor") as part of the General Conditions of the Partner Program (the "Contract") between you and e-Travel S.A..

That Agreement shall consist of this principal instrument and the following Annexes: Notions in capitals in this Agreement have the following definitions or, if not specified herein, the definitions specified in the relevant laws. Datameans the personally identifiable information (as per the relevant legislation) specified in Annex 1 to this Agreement. Processors may occasionally upgrade this DPA to make sure that it always conforms to the law during the life of this Agreement.

Processors shall handle the data in accordance with the contract and the printed directions of the controller in Annex 1. Processors may not use the data for any other purpose or in any other way than that prescribed by the controller in the agreement or in Annex 1. If the processor does not accept these modified directives, however, the processor may cancel the contract.

Nevertheless, the processor may take appropriate daily action with the data without having obtained special orders in writing from the controller, provided that the processor operates for and within the framework of the objectives set out in Annex 1. If the processor believes that an order is contrary to the law, he shall not comply with that order and shall immediately inform the controller.

Persons responsible for processing obtain from each of them an express and lawful consent to the treatment of the personal details or make the treatment of the details on another law. In addition, the controller shall fulfil all other duties of a controllers in accordance with the relevant legislation (including the requirement for individuals to be duly informed of the treatment of data).

Directions given by the data controller must be in accordance with the laws in force. Data controllers are solely responsible for the correctness, completeness and lawfulness of the data and the means by which they have obtained them. Processors shall take appropriate safeguards to protect the data against being destroyed, altered and disseminated.

Processors shall also protect the data against unauthorised use. Processor shall make sure that (i) only authorised personnel have the data, (ii) that authorised personnel processes the data only in accordance with this Agreement and the controller's instruction, and (iii) that each authorised personnel is subject to an obligation of secrecy towards the processor in respect of the data.

Processors must inform the controller as soon as they become aware of an infringement of a person's rights. In addition, the processor assists the controller in fulfilling his obligation (i) to record the violation of his or her own person-related information, (ii) to inform the competent regulatory body of any violation of his or her person-related information and (iii) to report this violation to the individuals concerned in accordance with the relevant legislation.

In fulfilling his obligations to enable the controllers to assert their legal and organisational remedies in accordance with the relevant legislation, the controllers shall support the controllers in fulfilling their obligations to them. Individuals' right includes (i) the right to oppose the treatment and cancellation of personal information, (ii) the right of information and consultation, (iii) the right to transfer personal information from one processor to another and (iv) the right to have the information corrected.

Processors shall also provide assistance to controllers with regard to the controller's commitments under Articles 32-36 of the GDPR (which shall comprise (i) the guarantee of the safety of processing, and ( ) the assessment of the consequences of data privacy and (iii) ex-ante consultations). Processors may instruct third persons to handle the information or parts thereof on their own account ("sub-processors").

If the processor uses additional subprocessors, the controller must be notified (in this case, they are "Approved subprocessors", unless the controller raises objections in accordance with Section 6.1). All associated companies of the processor (i.e. all companies that are directly or indirectly, through one or more middlemen owned, operated or jointly owned by the processor) are authorized subprocessors.

Processors shall conclude a Memorandum of Understanding with each sub-processor in which each sub-processor enters into commitments at least equivalent to those entered into by the processor under this Memorandum of Understanding. If the controller raises an objection in 10 day's time against a new sub-processor that becomes an approved sub-processor (calculated from receipt of a notice under Section 6).

In the event of a failure of the controller, the processor shall make appropriate effort to provide the controller with a modification of the controller's service or to suggest an economically viable modification of the controller's setup or the use of the service in order to prevent the affected sub-processor from handling the data. Where such a modification does not make practical or economic sense within a suitable deadline, the processor shall be authorised to cancel the contract at its own option.

Processors shall notify the controller within 40 workingdays after the objection has been received whether they are exercising their right of termination. Once the controller has authorized a subprocessor, the controller may no longer raise any objections to this subprocessor. Processors may submit personally identifiable information outside the EU/EEA. When the processor transmits or subcontracts processing of non-EU/EEA PII outside the EU/EEA, the processor shall verify that at least one of the following conditions is met: the recipient state has an appropriate degree of security for PII, as determined by the European Commission, the controller certifies that the person concerned has given his/her agreement to the transmission, the transmission is governed by the European Commission default contract terms for the transmission of PII to third parties, for the transmission to the United States, the recipient under the following conditions

If the processor arranges for data to be transferred outside the EU/EEA, the processor must prove that there is a legitimate reason for the transmission. Where appropriate, the controller shall be empowered by the controller to receive the European Commission default contract terms with each sub-processor on the controller's behalf for the above purposes.

The processor shall, at the controller's own option, supply the controller with the information necessary to prove that the processor is complying with his legal requirements. Within 30 workingdays of the written notification, the controller shall be authorised to verify the data and the information relating thereto by the controller if the information provided by the controller is not sufficient to prove that the data have been processed in accordance with the rules.

These checks shall be carried out at the expense of the controller. Where a data protection authority performs an examination of the data processor, which may include the data treatment, the data processor shall inform the controller. Data controller shall pay any extra cost for any changes or additions to the instruction to the processor concerning the data and for any extra cost to the processor resulting from changes in the legislation or other appropriate provisions.

Processors shall also be eligible for reparation for all acts carried out in the name or on the instructions of the controller. Processor's liabilities under this Agreement or in connection therewith shall be governed by the limitations of liabilities set forth in this Agreement. Processors undertake not to pass on data or information relating to the data to third parties.

Where the processor is required to do so by statute, judgment or a ruling of a relevant public body, he may do so. If such an undertaking is made, the processor must inform the controller in written form immediately before publication, unless this is limited by existing legislation. When the main agreement(s) are terminated, the processor shall restrict the data processed to the retention of the data transmitted by the controller.

Every controller customer/end consumer order is then deleted/anonymized after 3 years from the order date. Parties understand and accept that such retention is necessary to satisfy any customer/end consumer complaint and that the data may be provided to the Controller upon prior notice in writing.

To avoid any doubts, this means that the processor may not keep the information for more than 3 years after the main agreement(s) have ended. Notwithstanding the duration of the agreement, this agreement shall take effect when the processor begins and ends processing the personal information on the name of the controller and when the processor has deleted the information in accordance with section 12.

Every process performed by the processor is performed according to the following directions. When the processor handles information that violates these statements, the processor is considered to be the owner of the information process. Object of processingPersonal information of the controller's customers/end user who obtain trip service via the controllers.

Purpose of processingThe purpose of the processor is to fulfill the main agreement(s) to allow the trip preparations and postings that the controller's customers/end user (s) have made. Processor characterThe processor will only require specific (sensitive) types of information from the controller's customers/end user if these are necessary to fulfil the main contract.

i) the client/end user's doctor's report in the event of a claim for reimbursement ii) his or her physical or mental state affecting the client/end user's journey; or iii) any other request in which the client/end users disclose specific types of biographies. It is the responsibility of the Controller to obtain and obtain from the customer/end users the express permission (or any other reason for processing) necessary for the treatment of such in-formation.

Duration of data handling The conditions of the main contract(s) and section 12 of the contract regulate the duration of data handling.

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