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There are three options if you have already booked your flight, hotel or holiday package, but want to add activities to your itinerary: Explore flights + hotels + tours flights + hotels and save when shopping for flights & holiday packages. Unmompanied minors: People smoke for children on a rerouted flight brought to the hotel by a Frontier Airline staff member.

The two young kids who fly alone were taken to a hotel by an airlines staff member when the flight was rerouted because of the bad weathers, according to their families - who are furious that the airlines never gave them a heads-up. They were not informed by the carrier when the July 22 flight from Iowa to Florida was rerouted to Atlanta, Georgia.

"It' s almost instantaneous terrorism, you know, you're not with your children, you really are out of control," said Chad Gray. I' m not blaming Frontier for rerouting the flight. This is a good thing. The parents say that they were first notified as to what happened when their son Carter lent a mobile telephone and told them a text notification that he and little nurse were taken to a hotel.

"There was no superior trying to call, no calls, no e-mails, nothing like that happened, so we were really in the dark," Gray said. Frontier spokesman Jonathan Freed said in a declaration that the familiy never informed the carrier of their concern and that the company's offices only learned of the event when the press contacted them.

"According to Frontier's policies, the kids were cared for at all hours by a Frontier caretaker, accommodated in a hotel room and provided with meals over night. From our notes, the kids were in touch with their mothers before being taken to the hotel the next day and with their fathers before they took the onward flight.

Gray said the kids only received Rice Krispies treatments and drinking and were placed in separated rooms with other "unaccompanied minors". "He was five years older than him," Gray said. It is not a government regulation for kids who fly alone - every carrier makes it their own.

"Definitely need a little more research and probably a little more attention from parents," Gray said.

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