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Hospitality disinations in Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America. The United States of America has many flights for every budget. View our offers for flights to the United States of America. The link will open in a new window. The website may not comply with accessibility guidelines.

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Select your date of departure: A tecnical fault has occurred. For more information and your transaction, please do not hesitate to call our call-centre. Since your unpaid booking has not been made through our on-line service, you cannot register with a booking number. For more information, please call one of our representative agencies or call centers.

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Your private sphere is respected and we are obliged to protect your private information. The present statement will inform you how we, as an EA client, prospective client and seller, handle your personally identifiable information and inform you of your information protection laws and how they protect you. The owner of the processing and liable for your private information.

2. We have nominated a DPO to oversee matters relating to this Statement. You have the right to file a dispute on matters of personal information with your country's regulatory authorities at any given moment. However, we would be pleased if you would get in touch with us before contacting the competent authorities.

3. It is important that the information we collect about you is correct and up to date. If your information changes during your interaction with us, please let us know. Personally-identifying information is any information about an individual who has been or can be individually or collectively designated ("data subject"); an individual who can be individually or directly identifyable, in particular by referring to an identifiers such as a name, an ID number, place information, an on-line identifiers or to one or more elements that are unique to the individual's actual body, physiology, genetics, personality, economy, culture or population.

Not included is information for which the identification has been deleted (anonymous data). 2 Among other things, the following are considered confidential: information about race or race, religion, political opinion, religion, philosophy, religion or belief in a particular country, as well as information about your affiliation to a particular labour group.

Profile is any type of automatic handling of person-related information that consists of the use of person-related information to assess certain person-related issues of a person. 3 Information processing/processing means any action, transaction or amount of actions carried out with or using personally identifiable information, regardless of the process and means (automated or non-automated), such as collecting, capturing, organizing, patterning, storing, adapting or modifying, retrieving, consulting, using, revising, disclosing, disseminating or otherwise providing, aligning or combining, interconnecting, barring, deleting, storing, displaying and destroying personally identifiable information.

and 5 Datafile: any collection of personally identifiable information that is organized and available in such a way that the individual concerned can be derived from the same. Disclosure means making your personally identifiable information available. It is a systemic procedure for the identification, evaluation and documentation of the risk and effects of the handling of individual -related information on the individual's right.

4. The proprietor of the treatment is the juridical entity, which will decide on the purposes and the way of the treatment of the individual-related dates. 9. 4. 9 Processors are natural or juridical persons who process individual-related dates on the order of the owner. If you click on these hyperlinks or activate these hyperlinks, third party may be able to gather or disclose information about you.

We may gather, use, save and transmit various types of personally identifiable information about you, which we have summarized as follows: Identity information is first name, surname, surname, user name or similar, surname, civil status, name, date of birth/sex. 6.1. 2 Contact details are invoice adress, shipping adress, e-mail adress and phone numbers.

The financial information comprises debit and credit and debit cards. TRANSFER INFORMATION transfer information comprises information about your purchases and other information about your purchases. Specifications include the IP when you log in, your browsers name, browsers model and edition, timezone settings and locations, browsers plugin models and editions, OS and platforms, and other technologies on the equipment you use to visit this site.

The profile information will include your user name and your passwords, your shopping or orders, your interests, your preference, your comments and respons. User data include information on how you use our website, our product range and our service. You may also provide us with your personal information, including your preference for us and our third party to receive your information and your communications preference.

We sometimes gather sensible information about you, such as information about your racial or ethnic origin, your religion or philosophy, information about your medical and medical condition and your genetics, and penalties. We gather personally identifiable information about you whenever and wherever you use our service (whether directly from us or from other businesses or agencies working on our behalf), when you are traveling with us, when you use our Web sites, or when you use our call centers or wireless apps.

We will only use your person-related information if permitted by applicable laws. In most cases we will use your personally identifiable information in the following cases: 8.1. If we have to fulfil the agreement that we have concluded or have concluded with you and/or, at the person's option, to take measures before concluding the agreement.

8.1. To safeguard the life interests of the individual concerned or of another individual. 2. 2 In general, we do not depend on your permission as the legitimate ground for handling your personally identifiable information, except in respect of e-mail or SMS messages sent directly to you, or when we handle your personally identifiable information as described in point 6.

In the following we have described how we use your person-related dates and on which right basis we use it. We may use your personally identifiable information for more than one legitimate use, according to the purposes for which we use your information.

If you need information about the particular jurisdiction on which we rely in processing your personally identifiable information when more than one of the grounds listed in the following chart, please do not hesitate to do so. We will use your personally identifiable information only for the ends for which we have gathered it, unless we believe that we need to use it for some other cause and that cause is consistent with the initial use.

Please do not hesitate to ask us if you would like an explanation of how the treatment for the new purposes is consistent with the initial use. If we need to use your personally identifiable information for any other purposes, we will inform you and provide you with the necessary information to enable us to do so.

We may use your personally identifiable information without your permission and in accordance with the above mentioned regulations, if legally mandated or allowed. Non-personally identifiable information or anonymized/pseudonymized information obtained through the use of web beacon cookie technology may be provided to or obtained from third party vendors on our instructions.

We use a small piece of information that is stored on your computer's harddisk when you browse a website. When you store your information with us or buy flight tickets from us, we may also use the use of our website to track and administer information about your use of our website.

Flash cookies are small files that are stored on a computer using Adobe Flash software and can be installed on or download from your computer. These help us to enhance our sites by gauging which areas are of greatest interest to our clients. We will erase this information if we become aware that we have gathered or obtained personally identifiable information from a under-16s.

In order to best assist you, we may disclose your personally identifiable information to third party companies that assist us or assist us in marketing our invention. In particular, and to help with your preparations, we often need to disclose your information to third party companies such as airline companies, airports, custom offices, migration offices and tour agencies that may be part of your preparations.

Your personally identifiable information will also be shared with third-parties who serve you or us, such as those who operate airports. We may pass on your details to thirdds to whom we are selling, transferring or merging parts of our company or our property.

In the event of a modification in our company, the new owner may use your personally identifiable information in the same manner as described in this policy. We may also share your personally identifiable information with third parties if you request it or if we believe that it is legally mandated.

When we transmit your personally identifiable information from the European Economic Area ("EEA"), we will make sure that it is protected in a similar manner by taking at least one of the following safeguards: When we transmit your personally identifiable information to Ethiopia, we do so within the framework of an intercompany information sharing arrangement that includes the terms of the agreements and guarantees a reasonable security for the European Commission.

Your personally identifiable information will only be transferred to those jurisdictions that are considered by the European Commission to adequately protect your privacy. Appropriateness of the safeguarding of non-EU privacy. When we use certain services, we may use special agreements authorised by the European Commission that protect your personally identifiable information in the same way as in Europe.

Standard agreements for the transmission of person-related information to third parties. If we use US-based vendors, we may share information with them if it is part of a privacy policy that demands a level of privacy similar to that of personally identifiable information sharing between Europe and the US.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like more information about the unique mechanisms we use to transfer your EEA-PII. At the introduction of new computer programs we pay attention to a high level of privacy policy. Technological and organisational arrangements must be put in place to guarantee a systemic and safe life-cycle approach to the handling, storage and erasure of individual-related information; computer programmes must be designed to collect as little as necessary in order to achieve the purposes for which the information was gathered,

Wherever it is not possible to make person-related information anonymous, appropriate safety precautions such as pseudonymisation, encoding or limitation of unauthorised use must be taken; in other words, person-related information is only made available to those people who need it to fulfil their tasks and responsibility; a systemic check of the overall level of accuracy of the person-related information must be part of the lifecycle of the information in order to guarantee a high level of up-to-dateness.

Procedures must be put in place to identify and rectify incorrect or fragmentary information, the information processors must be properly safeguarded against unauthorised entry by means of technological and organisational means and the individuals concerned must have clear, user-friendly and efficient means of controlling their information. We are setting up information handling equipment so that the most stringent information protection preferences are automatic.

We will only allow further treatment of your person-related information if the person concerned expressly consents to the further use. We have taken appropriate precautions to avoid the accidental loss, use, or unauthorized retrieval, alteration or disclosure of your personally identifiable information. We also restrict your personally identifiable information to our staff, representatives, contractors and other third party users who have commercial needs.

You will only use your person-related information on our instruction and are bound to secrecy. We have established a procedure to handle any alleged violation of your personally identifiable information and will inform you and the appropriate authorities of any violation if we are obligated to do so by law.

We will only store your person-related information for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which we have gathered it, which includes the fulfilment of statutory, bookkeeping or report obligations. In determining the appropriate storage time for your personally identifiable information, we take into account the amount, type and level of privacy, the possible risks of damage from unauthorized use or transfer of your personally identifiable information, the purpose for which we are processing your personally identifiable information and whether we can otherwise accomplish those purpose, and the relevant regulatory notices.

You can find information on the storage times for various facets of your personally identifiable information in our storage policies, which you can ask us for. You may be able to ask us to erase your data: For further information, please see the section Requesting deletion. We may make your personally identifiable information anonymous (so that it can no longer be associated with you) to use for research or statistics and we may use that information for an indefinite period without further communication to you.

Apply for accessibility to your private information (commonly known as "Application for acces to the database subject"). As a result, you can obtain a copy of the stored person-related information about you and verify whether we are legally using it. Inquire about correcting the information we have about you.

As a result, you may have some of the information we have about you rectified, whether or not it is complete or incorrect, even if we need to check the correctness of the new information you are providing us with. Section 3 Application for deletion of your private information. As a result, you can ask us to erase or erase your personally identifiable information if there is no valid justification for further processing.

If you have successfully used your right of objection (see below), if we have illegally used your information or if we need to destroy your personally identifiable information in order to conform to applicable laws, you also have the right to request us to do so.

3 Objection to the use of your person-related information if we invoke a justified interest (or that of a third party) and your particular circumstances cause you to oppose such use for this reason, since in your opinion it impairs your basic human liberties and privileges.

If we process your person-related information for the purpose of your own private sales, you also have the right to oppose this. Section 5 Application to restrict the use of your private information. If you do so, you can ask us to stop handling your personally identifiable information in the following scenarios: a) if you want us to determine the correctness of the information; (b) if our use of the information is illegal but you do not want us to delete it; (c) if you want us to keep the information, even if we no longer need it to give, exert or protect rights; or (d) if you have opposed our use of your information, but we need to determine whether we have overwhelming lawful reasons for its use.

You may ask for your details to be transferred to you or a third person. You or a third person selected by you will be provided with your personally identifiable information in a highly organized, generally used, machine-readable form. We may revoke your permission at any point in the future if we are dependent on your permission to use your personally identifiable information.

The legality of the treatment will not be affected, however, before you revoke your agreement. There is no payment for accessing your personally identifiable information (or exercising other rights). We may, however, levy a fair surcharge if your inquiry is clearly unjustified, repeated or exaggerated or if we are asked for extra photocopies of your personally identifiable information.

He/she may need to ask you for certain information to verify your identification and to guarantee your right of accessing your private information (or exercising other rights). It is a safety precaution to make sure that your information is not shared with people who are not entitled to it.

E.A. is legally competent to process your personally identifiable information and to comply with the confidentiality and confidentiality obligations outlined in this Directive or as required by current legislation. Specifically, for: adherence to the basic rules "privacy by design" and "privacy by default" in the development of new computing activity, the efficient response to legal inquiries of the individuals concerned, the performance of PIAs for the treatment of person-related information with the help of the Commissioner, the appointing of a computing operator, the reporting of a violation of PII to the regulatory body, the individual concerned and other persons in charge of computing in accordance with EA's PAM. the implementation of staff awareness-raising trainings.

Processors are liable for the treatment of individual-related information in accordance with the directions of the controllers. In addition, the user is liable to inform the owner of the processed information immediately and in particular within 24 hrs about a violation of privacy policy. The treatment by a particular party is regulated by a contractual agreement which is mandatory for the particular party with respect to EA and which defines the object and length of the treatment, the manner and purposes of the treatment, the types of person-related information and the classes of persons concerned and the duties and powers of the controllers.

This agreement includes all the following elements: the treatment of information can only be based on the orders of the controllers; the processors must provide personnel with confidential information; the processors must take the necessary safety precautions; the terms and condition of hiring a supplier (sub-processor). In particular, the processors must provide contractual assurances that any subcontractors entrusted with the handling of the information will comply with the orders given to them by EA; how to deal with inquiries from interested parties; report and support in the case of breaches of privacy; the right to obtain information from the processors to prove their observance and to allow on-the-spot inspection.

EA, however, as the accountable body, will remain ultimately accountable to the individuals concerned, in particular to the person concerned and to the public authority.

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