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Get the best value holiday packages with just one search and one price in advance. You can save money when booking hotels, flights and rental cars! From NYC, Boston, DC or Chicago to Reykjavik.

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Catch the bike and make your own adventures with our Iceland Self-Drive game! Featuring so much to do and see Iceland, this route puts the full force in your hand to decide what you want to do. Route: Departure from NYC, Boston, DC or Chicago to Reykjavik.

Come to Reykjavik and pick up your car directly at Enterpris airports. Because of the check-in at 3 pm we suggest to drive directly from the Aiport to the Blue Lagoon. It is the ideal location between airports and hotels and the ideal gateway to the countryside.

After enjoying one of Iceland's greatest miracles, head into the city and either book at the T10 Hotel or Cabin Hotel (depending on the date chosen). They are both the ideal starting points for the remainder of your Icelandic adventure. Go in the Golden Circle to see the geothermic gears.

Everything within a single business hour from your motel. We have a wealth of proposals as to where to go (Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle, Southern Iceland, Snaefellsness, Jokulsarlon, etc.), but in the end you have the final decision. The journey was created for fearless minds and for those who want to go their own way.

Blacksmiths and join us on our Iceland self-drive adventures! Have your last wholesome Irish breakfasts at the airport and then head back to Keflavik airport to give your car back and take your flight back to your airport of origin. As it will be a pity to be leaving the country of fire and glaciers, we are sure you will be able to plan your next journey soon.

Select your date and your town and we will take you to Keflavik International Airport to collect your car. You can leave your bag at the guesthouse or go on an adventure! View our Island guidebook. "You have prepared our journey to Island very well to see the northern lights and come back at a very sensible cost... Eli, our contacts at Source kept us informed when everything was in place and quickly answered any question or concern we might have.

Book your seat with only a $125 down payment per passenger! sightseeing flight to KEF (Keflavik International Airport) of your choice: What time does my flight take off? Departures from the USA are always the nights before your flight (Wednesday). You will have a full first full working days in Iceland.

Is it possible to book in as soon as I get to the guesthouse? Most of the flights take you to Iceland at an early hour, so that an immediate check-in at the hotels is unfortunately not possible or cannot be assured. I' ll have you checked in at the motel at 2:00. However, the advantage is that you get a full first full days, as compared to a full days of traveling, which maximizes your stay in Iceland.

How can I collect my car? You will collect your car in Arnarvellir (5 min from the airport). There is a 15-minute service from the airports to the hire points. After leaving the luggage area, take the roofed footpath to the end - this is where the hire shuttles from.

Which car hire company is used? Each vehicle in the package is equipped with Accidental Injury Insurances (excess 300.000 ISK), Third-party Liabilites, Antitheft Insurances and CasualtyInsurances. The GPS system is part of the rent. Is it possible to travel as an individual? Yes, but there is a one-time surcharge.

There is an extra $275 to be booked as a one-person traveller. The balance of the advance is due 60 or 60 nights before departure (whichever comes first). A $275 surcharge applies to singles. If you are a person travelling alone and do not choose the surcharge, this will be added to your reservation.

A lot of arrivals are early in the mornings and the immediate check-in at the hotels is not part of the package. Default motel check-in is at 2:00 p.m. It is your responsibility to ensure that your regular services reach you on schedule.

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