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Hotel Flight Car Rental

Take a holiday your way with a trustworthy HomeAway rental service. What can I do to my journey if I have a flight, hotel or car rental? Please note: You will not get a reply from American Express Traveller to this deposit. What can I do to include a flight, hotel or car rental in my itinerary? May I use Member Rewards points for car rental?

Can I get help planning my journey with American Express Traveller Online?

Is the rental fee indicated the entire amount of my car rental? If I have forgotten my Guest Loyalty Number when making my reservation, what should I do? Can I apply for a seat on my flight?

Flight, hotel and car rental

Convenient and time-saving flight links, central locations in the hotel, fast car rental transfer - in their challenging and stressing daily lives, travelers are dependent on ideally matched itineraries. For this purpose we use our comprehensive and dependable worldwide partner networks. The only thing we can do for you is find the right flight, the right hotel and the right rental car.

Reiseservice arranges flight, hotel and car rental reservations

Not only is the new system able to overcome travelers' fears, it also keeps the journey information safe and ensures precise coverage. If an incident happens that leads to a break in the journey - such as a late or canceled flight - agents quickly switch to "re-accommodate" travellers on alternative routes. In the case of minor problems that can be resolved simply and free of charge, travellers are informed by e-mail or SMS that a fault has been resolved and receive an up-to-date route.

When a more complex solution is needed, agents first get in touch with the traveller to review and validate the option. Over 1,200 flight interruptions were detected, and travellers organised alternative trips to assist 37 per cent of those affected. This means for trip and supply manager to advise them on how to increase the value of their itinerary.

All in all, we help our customers to journey intelligently and do more. The BCD Group is the leading player in the tourism sector.

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