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You will also receive better customer service if you book directly through the hotel. With our exclusive non-stop flights Room + Flight + Car, Room + Car. Choose your own flights, hotels and activities. Follow flights and hotel prices after booking and receive immediate notifications of price reductions. Lowest discounts on hotels, cars, flights and holiday packages.

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Costa Rica is one of the most varied travel destination in the word due to its thick jungle, warm sources and volcanos. In Costa Rica alone there are about 500,000 different types, and the cultures and histories of the people living there mirror this blooming animal state. The unbelievable biodiversity and diversity of Costa Rica often makes the visitor want to enjoy something they did not see on their last journey.

Costa Rica is a travel goal, from the classical Beaches of Lateinamerikas up to the different jungle and culture, which can enjoy to families, newly married, adventurous and Naturliebhaber again and again. Costa Rica offers a wide range of environmental trips, windsurfing, cultural and more. Sunwing Experience makes it easy than ever to choose your trips to this fantastic Tropic holiday location.

Don't let Costa Rica take you by surprise. Experience Costa Rica and its beautiful nature.

Googles will add pricing and offers to Google Flights, Google Trips and Hotel Finder.

Today, Google is extending its reservation capabilities for travellers using Google travel, air travel and hotel finder tools, with a particular emphasis on finding better fares. Now Google can tell you when it's best to buy a plane fare or when room prices are higher.

This pricing functionality is similar to that already offered by some other cruise companies, such as kayaks, and start-ups, such as hoppers. Now, Google is taking what was a differentiator for these and making it more widely available to anyone looking for online trip information.

Google Flights enables the airline to use mechanized training to analyse historic pricing information and tell you when it's best to make a flight booking. They will appear above your results and are especially useful for recreational travellers whose appointments can be arranged flexibly. Flight Finder pricing will be introduced globally, both on the desk and on the mobil.

In the meantime, Google's hotel results will provide the same kind of information. Once you've searched Google for a hotel, you'll see if room prices are higher or if the area is more crowded than normal due to a venue. They can also choose to be notified by e-mail about fluctuating prices, from the beginning of next year on their desktops.

Pricing is available worldwide in all language versions. Launching hotel pricing monitoring may be of particular interest for the much-loved Hopper reservation application, which has only been providing hotel pricing monitoring for a short time - but only in the market. Now, it has to rival Google in this area as well.

Google Trips for iPhone and Android also adds information about reduced fares and touring. Google Trips started a good year ago as a personalised trip scheduler. However, it makes good business sense for Google to incorporate its own online ticketing and not just another way to use Google Maps information.

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