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X. Use our sales to find even cheaper rates to inspiring destinations in the USA and beyond. About Southwest Airlines - Comparer et réserver des vols

To save valuable time on the day of departure, Southwest Airlines offers the option of checking in comfortably from home or on the way. For example, passengers can check in 24 hours before departure on the Southwest Airlines website, stating their reservation number and name. The boarding pass can then can be printed out and guests with hand luggage can proceed directly to the security checkpoint.

You' ; vous serez encore plus flexible avec l'application correspondante de Southwest Airlines, qui peut également être utilisé pour l'enregistrement. However, the Southwest Airlines website and app are only available in English or Spanish. Bien de course vous pouvez aussi vous enregistrer au comptoir le jour du départ. As usual, you will present your documents to Southwest Airlines service staff at the check-in counter and will then receive your boarding pass.

To avoid a long queue at the counter, one of the self-check-in machines can also be used at selected airports. They will guide guests through the check-in process step by step by step and print out the boarding pass at the end, with which you can then proceed to baggage check-in or security check-in. Chaque Every passenger who has reserveed a flight with Southwest Airlines is allowed to take hand luggage and other personal items on board.

In addition to hand baggage, each passenger may check two items of baggage at Southwest Airlines. The maximum dimensions (L x Height x W) of 157 cm must not be exceeded for a piece of baggage to be checked in and each piece of baggage may be registered in and each piece of baggage may have a maximum of 23 kg. Oversized or overweight baggage will be charged by Southwest Airlines at an additional charge per piece.

Detailed information on Southwest Airlines baggage policy and charges can be found on the airline's website. In general, on all Southwest Airlines flights, passengers may choose any available seat. The earlier passengers check in within 24 hours of departure, the better their position when boarding with Southwest Airlines.

However, il est également possible d'acheter une mise à jour d'embarquement à la porte d'embarquement moyennant des frais et ainsi devenir l'un des premiers passagers à embarquer. Naturally, les équipages de Southwest Airlines s'efforcent toujours de rendre les vols de leurs passagers aussi confortables que possible. For example, les clients peuvent utiliser leur smartphone pour naviguer et magasiner gratuitement sur le site Web de Southwest Airlines dans les airs.

If you also want to surf on other homepages, you can purchase comfortable Wi-Fi access on board Southwest Airlines for a small fee per day. You can also use a tablet on board to access several different TV channels for free and enjoy a variety of entertainment programs on Southwest Airlines. For the small appetite de nombreuses collations et boissons gazeuses sont offertes.

Alcoholic boissons alcoolisées peuvent être achetés auprès de Southwest Airlines par carte de crédit. Payment with cash is currently not possible at Southwest Airlines.

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