Flight Specials

Flying Specials

On this page you will find the best flight offers, offers and promotions: Current Mango, Kulula, FlySafair, SAA, BA & international flight offers. Discount flight vouchers for flight evaluations! Some suggestions for flight offers. You can enjoy even more savings on holiday packages if you book flights, hotels and more together.

Up to 55% discount on top destinations every day in 2018

Are you looking for the best flight offers for your next journey? Locate flight offers'This weekend': Look for flight offers "This weekend" (or for an imminent weekend!) by browsing to the "Explore" section (lower center button) and sliding down to "Weekend Getaways". You can look for'Everywhere' from your home base to find the best places for a fast journey.

Look everywhere for the best Daily Flight Deals: To use your own trip data, you can browse for" Everywhere" with the data of your choice by click on "Everywhere" above. Alternatively, you can look for'Full month' or'Any time' to see the best fares in a particular months or years by click on'Travel date'.

When you can't find a good flight offer to your preferred location, you should consider the option of taking two less expensive trips and taking a short stopover. Use the" Everywhere" button (see above) to find the best places to travel, which you can reserve as a one-way flight from your home town.

Then, a few extra business hours later, look to your preferred location to see if the two trips could be less expensive than one. When you are trying to determine where to take your next holiday, try to set a price alert for several goals and see what rates will fall while you research holiday idem.

Are you still looking for other offers? Are you looking for inside information about the best season of the year? Find out how you can find a flight from your home base to anywhere in the word using our Find Anywhere feature. It will show you where you can go for the best rate during a given date or look for whole months to see when you can.

It' a really good application, the ability to search for a flight from anywhere or to anywhere is the best, genius!

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