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If there are air ticket search machines that do not follow your cookie (and modify prices)? Though it certainly does not harm to erase your cookie, the history that sites tracking your cookie to alter rates is a legend. Ticket fares vary often, but that has nothing to do with you, your web browsers or your cookie. I' ve reported in detail on the reason why air ticket fares are so high.

Whenever someone comes up to me on this subject, I will come together with them and see them searching and tell them why they see different rates.... It never has anything to do with their cookie; they just don't get how air ticket rates work. They really need to have some industry expertise in air ticket fare modelling and buying to understand the information you see when you look for fare.

Whilst it is possible that one or two ruthless web pages may use your cookie to change the rates you see, most legitimate web pages - and certainly airlines' web pages as well - would not even consider this, as it is a potentially illicit policy known as pricing is. There are also other very stringent pricing legislation.

The Airfare Expert: Do Cookie really increase fares? I' m buying plane passes for a livelihood, and that's not an interesting subject. When it is not someone who buys a ticket as a company, it should not be an occasional user. The type of air ticket sector and the rules on air ticket prices make it very unlikely, however.

But on the other side, if you buy your ticket on a particularly "shady" website, it is possible. Be sure to clear your cookie if it makes you at all. It is important to know, however, that some websites will show you a higher charge if you remove your cookie, as there is no issue of legitimacy in providing a lower rate to a privileged or "valued" client.

Companies, even airline companies, have much more scope to offer a reduced rate compared to an overprice. This means that it is generally OK for a company to discounts a certain amount, but if they increase the amount, they may get into difficulties.

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