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We' ll search, book, analyse and report on everything: flights, hotels, cars and more. Proactively maximize your loyalty benefits for every trip and transaction. This will give you the best price for your next trip. Air travel is not limited to your traditional outward and return flights from the same city to which you have flown. At any time, you can check the confirmation of your flight reservation booked online via My Travels.

Business aviation - the new industry standards.

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If you wish to stay in a different room or in a different room, please choose a different room or a different type of accommodation together with your flight. Do you know that you can cut costs by up to 30%* if you stay in your own room with your flight? Reserving a trip.....

What are multi-city flights?

When you are looking for (multi-)city breaking inspiration, click below to see an example route with five top Southeast Asian cities. Can you tell us about multi-city flying? Would you like to make a stop in Amsterdam on your way back from a corporate trip to Berlin? Maybe you want to travel through Southeast Asia with your backpack?

Only a few mouse mouseclicks away are the best and most comfortable connections to many foreign countries! You can see that you don't just have to concentrate on one particular regions or continents like Europe - you can fly around the globe on multi-city routes! Select the number of people and the category of cabins you want to look for.

Click the green'Search' icon. A page appears displaying all the results of the selected flight. You can use the filter on the lefthand side to select your favourite flight schedules, airlines, airports, overall travel time and number of stopovers to quickly find your ideal flight.

To learn more about a part of your trip, click on the'Details' button at the bottom of every results field. A popup will open - from here you can see the detail for each flight by using the arrow keys to extend the checkbox.

You have found your ideal flight to Australia, via Hong Kong, with a short stop in Dubai. Make a reservation by clicking on the green'Select' on the right side of the results page. You will be taken to the website of the airlines or agencies where you can make your reservation.

Travel through some of the world's most striking and fastest-growing towns, with lots of free travel to explore lands abounding in lush paddy fields, hill caves and beautiful islets. Super pasta in Hanoi (Vietnam), visit the backpackers along the Khao San Road in Bangkok (Thailand) and explore an exhilarating mixture of old and new Asia in Myanmar's largest town, Yangon.

You will find the best selection of Asian destinations if you are travelling from London but you can also travel to Hanoi and Bangkok from UK local airport such as Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh. Don't go without a trip to the Halong Bay chalk karst sites of UNESCO or trek the terraced rices around Sapa, but if you take the North-South tour in Vietnam, you can also take the tourist-friendly bus line to Ho Chi Minh City before continuing your flight.

Rather an inhabited town than a crowd-puller, what was once known as Saigon still offers a number of Skyrip style bar restaurants for the admiration of the setting sun and sparkling museum, especially such as the War Remnants Museum, which illuminates the Vietnam War from a completely different perspective.

Asia's Pearl" is a peculiar mixture of futurist developments and ailing marketplaces, powdery roads bordered by motorcycles and fractured French architectural styles. From fluttering fishing and sacks of mangos to silks, come to the southern part of the town to see a kaleidoscope of everyday Cambodia.

The Phnom Penh is the best starting point for the main attractions of the land, among them the shocking but important daily excursion to the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek, the site of the Khmer Rouge massacre in the 1970', and the temples of Angkor, near Siem Reap (spend a few nights in the town to see Angkor Wat and other unbelievable places in full extent).

The old city has a rotten feel that either attracts you for a few relaxing moments on the tree-lined riverside streets and smoothie or sending you directly to your next stop. When you are longing for a vibrant ambience and as much water sports as possible, drive to Vang Vieng, a self-proclaimed'tubing capital', about 4h northbound.

Cultural enthusiasts should drive on to Luang Prabang to visit a beautiful town center with buddhistic shrines and waterfront pubs. From here you can either take a flight to Thailand or Vientiane, or take the more classic and picturesque scenic trip up the Mekong in a slower speed boating and across the frontier by road, which will take about three whole day with a stop in Pakbeng.

Would you like to welcome to the most frantic day of your trip! As Bangkok does justice to its opposite fame, with the contemporary town and its rugged and daring night life next to vast, tranquil memorials to the Great Buddha and the swimming towns of the Mekong. It depends on you how you stay the remainder of your stay in Thailand, whether it is the full moons of Phuket and Ko Pha-Ngan or a few nights in the undulating culture Mecca of Chiang Mai in the upstate.

The next stop: yesterday's Asia. Myanmar, or Burma as it is often still called, has only in recent years as a traveler' s goal after years of armed domination a great deal of reward for travelers who want to try something different and get a genuine flavour of Southeast Asia, from the rolling trains to the long black and white traditionally wore sarongs.

Outside the town there are a lot of rides. To many, it is a hot-air ballooning over the Bagan Temple, to others the people' s singular technique of angling on Inle Lake and to some who follow the footsteps of George Orwell in his native town, and the source of his first novel, Burmese Holidays.

Would you like to go to Asia by coach or rail? When travelling South East Asia by road or with a mix of connection and unforgettable coach and rail trips, you can use our multi-city flight finder to find your way to and from various departure and destination airports in one step.

What is the best season to make a reservation? We' re sharing our inside information to help you reduce the cost of travel.

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