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Cheap flights to Tel Aviv from USA and Canada

When you are looking for a town with a contemporary atmosphere that has its roots in traditions and histories, Tel Aviv is the place for you. Situated on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline, the young town of Tel Aviv was established in 1909 by Israeli migrants on the edge of the old seaport of Jaffa.

Both towns have now joined forces and parts of the old town have been restored, making Jaffa an appealing place to visit. The capital Tel Aviv is one of the most thrilling metropolises of the Mediterranean and is a crucible of cuisine, cultures, highlights and philosophies.

Well-known for its Bauhaus architecture from the 1930' s, which is located in the architectonic area of the Weiße Stadt and today belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage, it is a goal that will inspire aficionado. Featuring pristine sandy shores, night life that just won't stop, an inviting ambience, great museum, the whitewashed town of Jaffa and its lovely old town, it's no wonder that Tel Aviv is one of the most popular towns in the Middle East.

The LGBT Church in Tel Aviv is an idol of libertarian, advanced Israel, where the LGBT fellowship is welcome and heralded. There are also 300 sunny summer holidays a year, great nightlife, great pubs, thrilling night clubs, first-class dining and vibrant fleamarkets. Hiking and cycling is the most popular mode of transport in Tel Aviv, and with a three-mile beach promenade to your heart's content, there are many ways to take in the outdoors.

Tel Aviv's once bustling port has undergone a great revitalisation since its closure in the 60s and has developed into one of the city's most attractive leisure areas.

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